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Simple, Secure Video Surveillance and IoT Solutions

Razberi Technologies makes it simple to manage and secure video surveillance and network-connected devices. Designed to meet the needs of any-sized organization, Razberi's platform offers intelligent appliances for video surveillance and IoT, automated cybersecurity, and health monitoring software. Razberi appliances are compatible with top video-management systems and many network cameras.


Razberi’s open-architecture platform is far better than general-purpose servers, switches, storage, and power-over-IP video surveillance. Today’s video-surveillance system and security needs are expanding rapidly, and security managers and integrator partners need to have the right platform for the job. It needs to be open, reliable, flexible, and scalable for a wide variety of demands and environments.

Incorporating Razberi Products Into a Video-Surveillance Network Will:

  • Reduce costs through bandwidth and storage optimization
  • Reduce the risk, through strengthened cybersecurity, of being hacked
  • Reduce time to identify and resolve issues with fewer truck rolls
  • Reduce the resources required to install and manage a network

A complete suite of Razberi ServerSwitchIQ™ appliances is available for critical infrastructure and other industry’s data centers, the network edge, and rugged outdoor applications. Razberi’s award-winning products provide security leaders with a powerful platform to build a sustainable and reliable, distributed or centralized solution.

Razberi’s intelligent features enable security leaders to manage dispersed security systems from wherever they are. Razberi CameraDefense™ provides cybersecurity protection for vulnerable, IP-based cameras, and Razberi Monitor™ provides comprehensive health monitoring and proactive alerts of issues, down to the camera. As a result, there's better ongoing management and maintenance of video-surveillance systems.