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Maintenance and Services

Toshiba POS Maintenance Contracts

ScanSource provides administration and re-marketing of Toshiba maintenance and service contracts. Two different offerings (“CareFlex” and “Custom Care”) allow resellers to accommodate every end user and keep their POS systems up and running for years.

Choosing CareFlex or Custom Care:

For most end users, the Toshiba CareFlex contract provides flexible service options that will accommodate retail environments large and small. Toshiba’s Custom Care contracts are ideal for large contracts with multiple locations. Your ScanSource sales rep can guide you through the selection process.

General Info:

Toshiba issues maintenance contracts based on machine type/model and serial numbers. You’ll be able to select terms of one to four years at a variety of services levels including 24x7 Same Day On-Site, 9x5 Next Day On-Site, Depot, and Advanced Exchange. Your PO should include accurate bill-to and ship-to information. Maintenance can be purchased during hardware configuration, during the initial warranty, or up to 30 days after the expiration of the most recent contract.

CareFlex replaces the SurePak, ServicePak, and Service Elite products, but can be used to extend coverage for machines previously on those contracts. Machines must be in good working order and have continuous coverage to be eligible for placement on a contract.

CareFlex Process Overview:
  • New hardware:
    • Include the maintenance in your configuration
  • Installed hardware:
    • Provide required information*
    • Provide a matching PO
    • Registration and invoicing

Custom Care Process Overview
  • Provide required information*
  • Toshiba will provide a quote for review and assign a contract number
  • Provide matching PO referencing the contract number
  • Registration and invoicing

Placing a Service Call:
  • Collect the machine type/model (MTM) (for example, 4852-570) and serial number (for example, 41-A1B2C) and a general description of the issue
  • Call 855.247.4844 and follow the instructions to enter the first four digits of your MTM (for example, 4852), and you will be routed to the proper dispatch center
  • If you have trouble with a machine that should be covered, contact your ScanSource sales rep with the ticket number generated during your call, MTM, and serial numbers; other helpful information includes your contract number or ScanSource sales order

End-User Reporting and Warranty Reset:
End-user reporting is required with all Toshiba hardware according to the Partner Program. and provides a number of benefits:
  • An opportunity to start the warranty at the install date up to one year after purchase
  • Update the service address of the machines in the event they are moved to a new location
  • Proper application of taxes
  • Ability to request reports by end-user or reseller levels

Base Warranty:

Your base warranty is started at the installation of the machine and is determined during your initial purchase. Please plan ahead and purchase machines that match the level of service your customer needs.  SurePak-era warranty upgrades are no longer available.

Required Information* This information is required in every service contract except for new hardware CareFlex, which is associated with the machines once the serial numbers are assigned.
  • Machine Type/Model (MTM)
  • Serial Numbers
  • Install Address
  • Install or Coverage Dates
  • Terms (one-to-four years available)
  • End-User Legal Name
  • Service Level

Factory Sealed

What does "factory sealed" mean?

The term factory sealed means that if you are returning a unit, it must be returned as it was originally packaged and shipped, and the containers must still be closed with the original shipping seals. None of the seals that close the boxes can be broken/opened. Basically, the boxes never should have been opened, and are still in the same condition as they are in the screenshot below: