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Innovative Touch Solutions

Recognized as a leading manufacturer of innovative touch solutions, PioneerPOS offers an array of products that can easily be designed to meet your configuration and budget requirements. Whether you need an all-in-one touchcomputer, PC POS, or kiosk solution, POS has the products to handle the most demanding requirements for virtually any application.
  • Asterix DASHE71

    The DASH7E1, Rugged Mobile Computing Solved

    The DASH7E1 is a robust 7" Tablet PC, designed to provide mobility in many vertical applications. The DASH is sealed against spills and dust, and able to withstand a 4-foot drop. With Windows 8.1 preloaded, application developers will take less time to migrate or develop a mobile application. As a result, the DASH allows a quicker "go-to-market" product release, and a greater return on investment.

    DASH Features:

    • Slim and light, only 1.5 lbs (0.7 kgs)
    • Sealed against spill and dust (IP54)
    • Certified to MIL-STD-810G
    • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
    • Bluetooth 2.1
    • Windows 8.1 for quicker go-to-market
    • RFID (NFC) option
    • WWAN/LTE option
    • Magnetic stripe / Smart card reader option
    • ID/2D barcode imager option


  • Asterix Dash T3

    The DASH/T3 tablet is designed with mobility and portability in mind. The DASH/T3 provides easy mobility with its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Its portable design allows it to either sit on a counter or to be wall mounted. With Windows 8.1 preloaded, developers will take less time migrating over, resulting in a quicker "go-to-market" and a better ROI.

  • CarisTouch Touchscreen

    Pioneer CarisTouch Touchscreen Computer for Healthcare

    The world of healthcare demands dependable technology that ensures the protection of sensitive patient information, while withstanding volatile elements. Computing solutions in healthcare must be fast, reliable, safe, and easy to use for nurses, doctors, and other key staff.

    The Pioneer CarisTouch line, including the new CT18, is a breakthrough all-in-one touchscreen computer offering, adaptable for a variety of diverse healthcare environments, and able to handle the rigors of such a vitally important and ever-changing field.

    The Pioneer CarisTouch line includes the customization features today's healthcare settings need in order to best serve patients. With the ability to add badge and barcode scanners to the device, and with the option to use the touch computer with an LCD arm or mobile cart stand, the Pioneer CarisTouch is a top choice for healthcare providers around the country that want to utilize the best in technology to improve operations in the industry.

    Other benefits of the battery-operated CT18 include a battery life that is longer than competitor’s, and a touch feature that can be disabled when cleaning. The CT18 battery is hot swappable, and an LED light under the screen is iexcellent when used in darker environments.

    For patient check-in, nurse stations, computerized physician order entry, electronic medication administration records, nurse documentation, infotainment, and so much more, the Pioneer CarisTouch works however a healthcare provider wants it to.

    Benefits of the Pioneer CarisTouch CT18 and More

    Not all touchscreen computers are created equally, and that's why the Pioneer CarisTouch was designed specifically with healthcare providers in mind. Embraced by physicians, nurses, and other pros in the industry, the Pioneer CarisTouch makes working with data simpler. Healthcare employees can take advantage of the streamlined design and optimal tech of the Pioneer CarisTouch, to better focus on patient health and satisfaction.

    There are many ways the Pioneer CarisTouch stands out among touchscreen computers and is an exceptional choice for healthcare settings.

    The Pioneer CarisTouch:

    Is Strong and Sturdy for Busy Healthcare Settings

    In environments where conditions are constantly changing, the Pioneer CarisTouch never flinches. It is created with built-in protection against liquid sprays and surface micro-organisms, with an innovative enclosure that features an advanced anti-microbial additive. Functionality and appearance remain unchanged after millions of uses.

    Integrates With the Latest Technology
    The Pioneer CarisTouch is designed with Intel computing technology, ensuring access to speedy and always-on connectivity and applications. Configuration is customizable, since the Pioneer CarisTouch can work as a thin client that runs applications off the server, or as a solution that runs complex applications under Windows.

    Provides Data Protection
    Patient data protection is vital in healthcare, and the Pioneer CarisTouch is a device professionals count on to deliver the most secure patient data use in the industry. A privacy filter may be internally embedded in the Pioneer CarisTouch, so that only the person who is directly in front of the screen can read information.

    Offers Even More Customization
    Since the Pioneer CarisTouch comes with several USB and serial ports, your clients can integrate devices such as a biometric reader, barcode scanner, proximity reader, badge reader, and more into the touchscreen computer. Healthcare professionals can use each Pioneer CarisTouch machine to perform the exact functions they want.

    Has a Longer Shelf Life and Provides Cost Savings
    Each model of the Pioneer CarisTouch, is available for at least five years. This allows healthcare settings to conduct large roll-outs and install the same model during the future. Training is lowered, and familiarity increases. Each model has a consistently longer shelf life than competitors, resulting in substantial cost savings for a healthcare organization.

    For every type of healthcare application your clients can think of, the Pioneer CarisTouch provides a solution. The Pioneer CarisTouch is often used with the Pioneer T3 tablet, which is another dependable and durable solution powered with the latest technology in tablet form.


  • Cyprus Touch Computer

    Pioneer 15-Inch CYPRUS Touch Computer

    Sleek and modern, yet powerful and boosted with the latest technology and customizable features businesses demand today, the Pioneer CYPRUS touchscreen computer is a device enterprises around the world count on. With myriad personalization options to make it an excellent fit for any environment, the CYPRUS by Pioneer is an in-demand system for settings such as hospitals, casinos, retail stores, dining establishments, banks, factories, convenience stores, warehouses, and so many more.

    The Pioneer CYPRUS is an exemplary product for such a wide variety of businesses, and ScanSource can help you pinpoint how you can most effectively convey the advantages of Pioneer CYPRUS to clients.

    Benefits of Pioneer CYPRUS

    On first inspection, users are impressed by the elegant beauty of the design of the Pioneer CYPRUS. Polished and simple, the Pioneer CYPRUS exudes a tech-y feel while still being a beauty to behold for both employees and customers. It fits in with the most luxurious of venues, but is also created to withstand rugged environments. And, since it offers an endless array of flexible features, it can be used however a business needs, in order to maximize productivity and efficiency.

    Here are some of the many benefits of the Pioneer CYPRUS:
    Features the latest technology: The Pioneer CYPRUS utilizes the technology of Intel's Core™, the top in its class. The USB 3.0 ports or Intel Gigabit network enable data to be communicated quickly and accurately, powering operations and eliminating downtime so businesses can keep moving.

    Completely configurable: Whatever budget or application requirements a business has, the Pioneer CYPRUS can adapt. It can support complex applications under a Linux operating system or under Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. The customization extends to the user experience, as the screen can tilt back for a horizontal view.

    Non-invasive design: The Pioneer CYPRUS has a compact footprint, taking up minimal counter space so businesses can use the extra area to display products or marketing materials, or simply retain a cleaner and less cluttered environment. The standard desktop base can be swapped for an optional wall or VESA 100 mounting option. It's also lightweight, coming in at only 16 pounds, with the base or at 11 pounds if wall-mounted.

    Durable against the elements: Pioneer CYPRUS touchscreen computers are built to last, with a minimum shelf life of at least five years. The screen is liquid spill-resistant and can withstand millions of touches with minimal impact. The Pioneer CYPRUS is designed to be used in any environment, by any number of employees.

    More ways for businesses to make it their own: Other features for the Pioneer CYPRUS include a credit card reader and magnetic strip reader, a Wi-Fi wireless network, a biometric fingerprint reader for either the left or right side, a webcam, a privacy filter, an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner, and an integrated customer display. For businesses that want a printer, a 3-inch thermal printer integrated add-on is available. There are even different color options to choose from.

    Installing Pioneer CYPRUS machines in a venue means transactions happen more quickly, information is accessed instantly, and connectivity is always on. The machines are simple to install and easy to use, and intuitive touchscreen interfaces allow for quick learning and integration. With so many uses for so many different types of enterprises, the Pioneer CYPRUS makes sense for your clients

  • Pioneer Tablets: Dependable and Durable

    Pioneer Tablets: Dependable and Durable

    In just about any industry today, mobility, speed, ease of use, and the best in technology are required to keep businesses of all sizes moving ahead of competitors. Pioneer tablets are durable and dependable, easy to use and intuitive, and come loaded with the latest tech specifications to allow employees to do their jobs efficiently. When used as point-of-sale devices, customers appreciate the familiarity of the devices, which improves the shopping experience and improves sales for businesses.

    The Pioneer tablets offer breakthrough technology, yet feature simple interfaces that allow them to be quickly mastered by professionals and customers alike. When you sell Pioneer products through ScanSource, you get to present amazing products to your clients. You also receive a business partner in ScanSource that is here to offer training and support, so your own business can be elevated and you can better serve your clients.

    Tablets by Pioneer for Any Use

    Pioneer is regarded as a top tablet producer because of the elegant design and amazing technology. Your clients will love the features of Pioneer tablets.

    Pioneer T3
    This versatile tablet works exactly how your clients want it to. Easy to hold and transport, with a lightweight build, the Pioneer T3 can also be mounted to a wall or attached to a base. Its durability makes it safe to use in the most rugged of conditions, from warehouses to shipping docks, or even on a counter in a busy shopping environment.

    High-quality technology includes built-in cameras and Wi-Fi, enabling always-on connectivity no matter where a person is using the device. Bluetooth capabilities allow users to connect the tablet to other devices, making it a smart solution that immediately adapts to what a business is already working with.

    The Pioneer T3 comes pre-loaded with Windows 10, making it easy to use for those familiar with the operating system, and cutting migration time.

    The Pioneer T3 is a tablet your clients can count on again and again. It thrives in a retail setting, since its customizable qualities allow it to quickly get to work as a mobile POS device.

    Pioneer T2
    Created for the most rugged of environments, the Pioneer T2 is built to withstand extreme use in the most demanding of settings. Users will love how easy it is to carry, hold, and use, yet how strong and reliable it is. Weighing in at only 1.5 pounds, this 7-inch tablet can withstand a 4-foot drop. It is also protected from dust and spills, making it a highly dependable solution no matter where it is used.

    The tablet can immediately start working with compatible systems, and developers require less time to migrate or develop mobile applications for the tablet. More innovative technology built into the Pioneer T2 includes two USB ports, a headphone jack, an internal speaker, and microphone. For clients who require impeccable communication among team members, the Pioneer T2 is a top solution.

    Clients even have the option to add on rear and front web cameras, making the Pioneer T2 an all-in-one tool that adapts for any business use. A breeze to use but extremely tough and sturdy, the Pioneer T2 fits a wide range of client verticals.

    Like all Pioneer products, each tablet is built to be refined yet dependable, powered by technology that increases productivity. Clients appreciate these comprehensive solutions that deliver return on investment because of improved efficiency.

  • Pioneer S-Line II Touch Computer With Receipt Printer

    Pioneer S-Line II Touch Computer With Receipt Printer

    A touch computer that features all-in-one capabilities with a built-in thermal receipt printer is a dream machine for busy retail shops, hospitality venues, and other diverse verticals. Reducing counter space clutter means a more elegant and simplified retail environment, putting employees and customers alike at ease.

    Less hardware means reducing confusion and troubleshooting. Conducting transactions and operations on a computer that allows you to instantly print increases efficiency and productivity. The Pioneer 15-inch S-Line II is a top choice for businesses that want to elevate working experiences for employees and shopping experiences for customers.

    Pioneer is a brand known for melding forward-thinking design with the latest technology - delivering products that are simple to grasp, are speedy and accurate, and provide the dependability and reliability businesses count on to succeed.

    Features of the Pioneer S-Line II Touch Computer

    Easy to set up and use, and including all the features a business needs to conduct secure and quick transactions, the Pioneer S-Line II touch computer is a compact, all-in-one solution used by a variety of businesses today. Some of the benefits of the Pioneer S-Line II include:

    • Minimal footprint: The 15-inch Pioneer S-Line II only weighs 26 pounds, and takes up a minimal amount of counter space.
    • Easy setup: Setting up the device is easy, and with no extra cables, cords, or printing devices to worry about, businesses can quickly appreciate the simplicity.
    • Reliable printer: Like Pioneer, Epson is a trusted top brand in the printing world. Integrating an Epson thermal printer that is field-replaceable and prints on 80mm paper into the Pioneer S-Line II means users also can look forward to an accurate and high-quality printer they can count on.
    • Multi-use functionality: The Pioneer S-Line II's diverse uses mean it isn't limited to being a point-of-sale device for only the check-out counter. It can also be used as a self-check-out kiosk, or point-of-information device for customers.
    • Durability: The Pioneer S-Line II is beautifully designed and fits in well with luxurious settings, but it is also sturdy and durable. The front panel is spill-resistant, making it excellentl for restaurant settings and other active environments.
    • Transaction-ready features: The Pioneer S-Line II is ready to get to work, with integrated peripherals including a magnetic strip reader, biometric reader, barcode scanner, and proximity RFID reader. It also comes with a webcam and privacy filter.
    • Plenty of memory storage: Owners of the Pioneer S-Line II can look forward to 4GB of memory built-in, with an expandable option up to 16GB. There is also a hard drive or SSD for storage. Customizable memory options make the device work for any business.
    • Operating systems options: The Pioneer S-Line II works with a variety of POS operating systems, including POS 7, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Linux. The system employees are already familiar with can still be used without missing a beat.
    • Serial and USB ports: Users have access to four serial and five USB ports with the Pioneer S-Line II. If the device needs to be connected to another machine, there is no hassle or worry, with many connectivity options.

    Using an all-in-one solution like the Pioneer S-Line II means businesses can use all the extra counter space they've freed up to display more products or marketing materials for promotion. It affords a business more flexibility with how they utilize their space. For smaller settings where every inch of counter space truly counts, the Pioneer S-Line II is a solution to maximize productivity, without placing a burden on a business.

    And, since the Pioneer S-Line II's usefulness extends beyond the main client-interfacing counter in an environment, it can be strategically placed anywhere else in a venue where a business wants to improve customer satisfaction. The easy-to-use touchscreen makes it a great device to use as a resource for customers to learn about a business, or for them to use to check themselves out to allow them to go on their way and free up more employee for other tasks.