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ScanSource wants to help you tap into the increasingly tech-driven healthcare market, so you can grow your business in 2023 and beyond. Countless opportunities exist. One market researcher states that, “By 2030, the market size of patient engagement solutions—which includes wearables, educational resources, and mobile apps—is estimated to reach $74.28 billion, up from $13.42 billion in 2021.”1

If you want your business to take advantage of that sort of healthcare opportunity, and others, don’t hesitate. Contact ScanSource today, and let’s get started. Because we want to help you DO that—as only we can!

1Strategic Market Research, LLC

Healthcare trends

We’ve entered a new world when it comes to healthcare. If you received medical services during the past three years, you observed the myriad changes to how they’re delivered. And, according to numerous industry-focused statistics, patients don’t want healthcare providers to turn back the clock on these advancements. Instead, they want providers to embrace those changes while continuing to seek new ways to improve patient experiences. And, though you might believe that progressive mindset is exclusive to younger patients, it isn’t. For example, according to Cigna, “44 percent of older adults (ages 50 – 80) use at least one mobile health app, and 25 percent of those…have shared health information with their providers.”1

1Cigna, "4 Digital Trends that Will Shape Healthcare in 2023

Remotely engage patients

The need for devices and services that remotely engage patients continues to rapidly expand.

The global Remote Patient Monitoring market is projected to reach $175.2B by 2027 from $53.6B in 2022, at a compound annual growth rate of 26.7%.
Forrester, “Predictions 2023: Retail Health, Decentralized Trials, And Wellness Are On The Front Lines” 

Artificial intelligence and automation
An increasing use of artificial intelligence and automation in healthcare is leading to an even-greater demand for both.

The market for artificial intelligence (AI)—specifically, machine learning tools—in healthcare is forecast to top $20M in 2023.
Forbes, “The Top 5 Healthcare Trends In 2023”
Wearable devices
Patients want simpler ways to share health information with doctors—and to track that info themselves.

Wearable devices will be increasingly used by individuals during 2023 to track their own health and exercise activity, and by clinicians to monitor patients remotely.
Forbes, “The Top 5 Healthcare Trends In 2023”

A few solutions that support those trends


Locate medical equipment on the floor, or in the entire building.


Provide secure and resilient connections for patients and staff.


Treat more patients remotely by adding digital access.

For more information, check out these deliverables

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