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Seal Shield is leading the way in preventive technology

Since 2006, Seal Shield has developed solutions for the workplace. Now, more than ever, Seal Shield is focusing its innovative vision on preventing the spread of infectious diseases. In partnership with ScanSource, Seal Shield offers its preventative technologies—like its UV-C disinfection systems for portable devices—and equipment to help mitigate cross-contamination risk. 
Seal Shield introduced waterproof keyboards, mice, and multilayer screen protectors to the sector. Now, its preventative developments have taken center stage. They're ready to serve corporate institutions, education facilities, food services, governments, and more. 
Seal Shield products are compatible with:
  • Cutting-edge SaaS verification systems and mobile verification systems
  • Medical-grade cleaners and disinfectants
  • UV-C disinfection compliance

Combined, Seal Shield solutions provide outstanding disinfection for any organization. Learn more about what Seal Shield is doing in manufacturing medical-grade technologies in the videos below.


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