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GTS Batteries and Chargers Extend Life of OEM Products

GTS Does More than Just Power Mobile Operations

With Global Technology Systems (GTS), organizations can extend the life of their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) mobile devices. GTS batteries are expertly designed to bring more power to OEM products like barcode scanners, portable printers, mobile computers, and two-way radios. Healthy batteries are vital for mobile devices, and interruptions from battery failures can severely impact an organization’s bottom line and productivity.

GTS is there to help with all mobile-device power needs and has innovated new ways to improve the flow of modern mobile operations with managed services such as:

  • Test & Replace™ - this service consists of a mobile app and compact testing device which enable anyone (regardless of training or technical ability) to quickly and easily identify a bad battery in a matter of seconds.
  • Battery Color Coding™ - an innovative battery-coloring program that allows staff to visually distinguish which batteries are in need of replacement.
  • BaaS (Batteries-as-a-Service) - for a flat, monthly fee, GTS will ensure that all of your mobile-device batteries are working optimally, and will automatically replace and recycle the bad ones when necessary. Enjoy a fixed, monthly operational expense versus buying batteries, ad hoc, out of an ever-changing capital-expense budget.

With GTS’ new suite of managed services, ScanSource representatives and resellers can differentiate their offerings, grow their Managed Service Provider (MSP) revenues, and increase their value-added involvement in their client’s operations.

Help Your Clients with GTS

If you work with businesses that have OEM products, but aren't sure what to do once batteries begin to fail, GTS is an ideal solution. It supports devices no longer on the market, and has an extremely strong warranty. All products are 100% compatible with OEM devices, and provide a longer cycle life, so resellers and businesses can be confident in GTS.

How ScanSource Helps You Sell GTS

At ScanSource, we don’t just provide GTS OEM solutions. We offer extensive support to GTS resellers, so they can feel confident selling high-performance products to their clients. With educational training and tech support to answer any questions you have, we help ensure you’re set up for success as a reseller.

Benefits of selling GTS industry-leading products to clients include:

  • Potential for recurring revenue and exceptional profitability
  • Quick order turnaround and drop-ship capabilities
  • Guarantee of matching or exceeding OEM products
  • Unique charger configurations and single-SKU ordering
  • Industry-leading warranty

For businesses that are searching for replacement batteries to power their OEM devices and more, we can help you find a trusted reseller to get your business back to working efficiently today. For additional information on any GTS offerings or products, please contact your ScanSource representative at 800.944.2439 x4001.