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ProClip USA is a leading designer and supplier of mobile-device mounting solutions deployed throughout the enterprise.

ProClip offers purpose-built mounts for the leading phones, tablets, mobile computers, and printers from Apple, Honeywell, Panasonic, Samsung, and Zebra, as well as from dozens of other brands—each optimized to protect and power mobile devices in all types of scenarios. From fleet trucks and courier vans, to emergency vehicles and medical carts, to fork trucks in the warehouse, ProClip mounts support professionals who depend on their mobile devices. 

Every day, ProClip mounts support hundreds of thousands of devices in dozens of industries. Whichever mobile device best meets your needs, ProClip has a mounting solution you can count on. Visit us at

Direct Contacts:

Jason Bridwell
B2B Key Accounts Manager

Joe Munson
B2B Key Accounts Manager