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  • Dialogic Diva System Release for DMG 4000

    Action Required for Dialogic 4000 Media Gateway Series (DMG 4000) Users

    As a result of a product licensing design implemented many years ago, Dialogic Diva licenses used in certain DMG 4000 models will expire on December 4, 2015.

    DMG 4000 models that are based on the Dell platform (DMG 4000 R2, which models began shipping in late 2010) are affected and thus will expire on December 4, 2015. Additionally, licenses that may have been installed to enable fax functionality are also affected.

    Earlier models of the DMG 4000 that were based on an Intel platform (I.e., not the Dell platform that began shipping in late 2010) are affected only if a license that enables fax functionality was installed after shipment from Dialogic.

    What you need to do...

    If you have an affected DMG 4000 that is still in use, you MUST update its Diva System Release.

    If you are not sure if your DMG 4000 is affected, or to get more information, go to the Diva Licensing Issue on DMG 4000 Gateways page on the Dialogic web site, where you will find links to instructions on how to determine if your DMG 4000 needs to be updated, the associated Diva System Release downloads, and instructions on how to perform the update(s).

    It is important to note that no new licenses are required; existing licenses will continue to work so long as the Diva System Release update has been installed by no later than December 3, 2015. Please also note that there is no charge to make the necessary update(s).

    Link to contact Dialogic Support
    Link to Dialogic® Diva® Software Update Advice Form

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  • Technical HelpWeb

    Help for You

    For over a year, Dialogic® Diva® and Dialogic® Brooktrout® areas have required free registration; now, the same policy is being applied to other areas.

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  • Product Change (PCN) and Release Notes Notifications

    Product End-of-life

    A Product Change Notification (PCN) is used to communicate the end of life of a product that is discontinued (Discontinued Product). Support of Dialogic software with a hardware product which is a Discontinued Product is generally available for a limited time following the hardware product’s last shipment date as set out in a PCN. A PCN will include end of support dates for Discontinued Products and will also include migration paths, if applicable.

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