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Multiplying Your Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Warehouse | Logistics | Retail | Hospitality | Healthcare

With its 35 years of global leadership as an original design manufacturer, Advantech has been at the forefront of IoT enablement as a provider of both hardware and software solutions. With our partnership, we can help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries.


Warehouse and Logistics:

Through its acquisition of DLoG, Advantech has consolidated its design strength in robust computing platforms with German-engineered rugged tablet PCs (AIM-6/PWS series) and vehicle-mount terminals (DLT/TREK Series). Our extensive global network is committed to exceptional service and support for applications found in the warehouse, logistics, manufacturing, and heavy-equipment applications.


Retail and Hospitality:

Advantech provides a full spectrum of retail and hospitality products, such as mobile tablets (AIM-3 series), POS systems (UPOS series), all-in-one touch-panel computers (UTC-3 series), digital-signage players (DS series), and self-service kiosks (UTC-7 series). We also cover store-traffic analysis, interactive signage, and heat-map service-ready packages (SRP) for added business intelligence in your deployment.



Advantech offers a wide range of EN-60601 fourth-edition, medical-grade computers. These IP-54-rated point-of-care computers (POC series), IP-65-certified bedside terminals (HIT series), DICOM displays (KT series), ergonomic-design medical carts (AMiS), and medical handheld tablets (AIM-5 Series) are designed with the utmost care and qualit,y to provide uninterrupted, mission-critical support for healthcare applications.

Industrial Solutions

Find the industrial PC solutions that can help in these key areas: logistics, fleet management, heavy duty, and automation.

  • Logistics
    Advantech industrial PCs and VMTs support your Logistics, operating through real-time data and modern, touch-controlled Windows and Linux user interfaces. Whether it’s immense time pressure, error-free inventory stock management, or high-cargo handling volumes—our goal is to support you in designing your logistics solution.
  • Fleet management
    Advantech Fleet management terminals translate real-time data about vehicles, cargo, deliveries, and workers into dynamic, understandable displays that help increase productivity and lower operating costs. Designed from the ground up to handle extreme environments, these platforms facilitate the accurate monitoring of driver and vehicle performance, to reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Heavy duty
    Advantech ultra-rugged, Heavy Duty VMTs robustly and reliably operate wherever they’re needed. Our products monitor health conditions of vehicle components through CAN-Bus attachments; track navigation and location; prevent collision; and monitor driver behavior, in real-time.
  • Automation
    Advantech industrial PCs and VMTs can be used anywhere in Automation, with their rugged housing, and their easy operability and various display options—both in manufacturing control, as well as in manufacturing visualization.

Partner Solutions

Here are the criteria for being our supply chain partner, software partner, or system integrator.

  • Supply Chain Partner
  • Software Partner

Sells AIDC hardware like scanners, printers, RTLS, and other related peripherals. This partner deals with the supply chain of customers by enhancing it, or creating value to improve the supply chain. There are literally hundreds of these companies, each one specializing on a vertical market.

Specializes in supply chain software, such as:

  • Warehouse management software, anything from a Tier 1 vendor to a Tier 3, PC-based system
  • Ports/intermodal software
  • ERP vendors which have a WMS package

Typically, these vendors do not resell hardware, but they do make recommendations.