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Advanced barcode readers for every industry

Code is a technology leader in the latest generation of image-based, barcode reading systems.

Using advanced high-definition and multi-resolution optics—coupled with flawless Bluetooth communications systems packaged in uniquely ergonomic packages for the mobile worker—the Code product line is used in critical applications in healthcare, public safety, technology manufacturing, transportation, and other diverse industries.

Barcode reading technology and, increasingly, two-dimensional barcodes, are necessary for the supply chain we take for granted. Code continues to enhance its leadership position by providing products to value- added resellers, private-label manufacturers, and barcode printer and reader distributors worldwide.

Barcode readers improve internal data collection and data exchange with trading partners, physical tracking, authentication and security of goods, and better processes for quality, inspection, and process control.

Code products are designed and supported from our facilities in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, and are manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities worldwide.


Since the start of Covid-19, there has been an increase in cleaning to stop the spread of infectious disease. More stringent cleaning agents and frequent wipe downs can take a toll on your barcode scanners. CodeShield plastics, the plastics we designed for hospitals, can withstand more cleaners than any other scanner on the market. Recently, we have seen an increase in the need for these plastics in the retail market.


Many of the leading medical facilities worldwide rely on our reliable barcode scanning systems. When matching patients to medication, transfusions to patients, and expressed breastmilk to the right baby, there's a reason more healthcare organizations have chosen Code above any other medical barcode solution

Why Code?

Code Services and Support

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Service and support designed to keep your Code hardware, and your business, running smoothly

It’s built on our dedication to excellence. It delivers the level of service and support you need, to make the most of your hardware investment. It’s called CodeOne.

CodeOne is available in several service plan types—each tailored to the level of your in-house technical resources and capabilities, your response time requirements, and your budget

Don’t see a plan that fits your needs?

Services can be purchased individually to customize an offering tailored to your requirements.

CODEONE STANDARD SERVICE PLAN 10-day turnaround; standard warranty period at no additional cost to you.
CODEONE ELEVATED SERVICE PLAN   Three-day turnaround; access to the advanced support portal; extends the standard warranty period by one year.


Advance replacement; accident forgiveness; access to the advanced support portal; extends the standard warranty period by two years.


On-site access to spare units, to support geographic areas where other service plans are not available.


If you’re installing Code products across your enterprise, GoLive is the next level of service. It includes on-site support, preferred hotline phone support, and/or on-site training. You also have access to Code’s top application engineers, for priority support during the rollout phase of your project

Benefit from dedicated, personal, sales and marketing support.

The CodeAlliance program provides dedicated, personal, sales and marketing support to our most committed and qualified partners to ensure effective, lasting and profitable partnerships are formed.

Sales Support:  CodeAlliance Partners have access to a full line of product training materials that include, eLearn presentations, product certifications, selling tips as well as discounted demo gear.

Technical Support:  CodeAlliance Partners will receive priority access to our technical support team. In addition Partners can take advantage of Code's Advanced Support Portal for 24/7 product support.

Marketing Support:  From joint press releases, case studies to tradeshow support - the CodeAlliance program gives Partners the opportunity to participatein Code's marketing initiatives

Co-Op Dollars:  Partners who achieve revenue goals sent in their CodeAlliance agreement will receive marketing co-op dollars to be used in joint marketing initiatives with Code, during the following calendar year.