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  • ProService Support Plan Offerings
    Premium-level Support

    Dialogic provides premium-level support for queries complex or simple, offering timely high-quality services from its team of experts. As a global organization, Dialogic is well-positioned to provide complete service solutions to meet the needs and requirements of customers worldwide.
  • PowerMedia HMP Demo License
    Flexible, scalable and cost-effective.

    Dialogic® Host Media Processing (HMP) software performs media processing tasks on general-purpose servers without the use of specialized hardware. The software provides media services that can be used to build flexible, scalable, and cost-effective next-generation IP media servers.

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  • PowerMedia XMS Demo License
    PowerMedia XMS Demo

    The MSML Sample Application Server demo (app_server) is an application that exercises the Media Server Markup Language (MSML) to remotely control the PowerMedia XMS Media Server.  MSML commands and events are transported between the MSML Application Server Demo and the PowerMedia XMS via SIP INFO messages. The demo provides voice mail, video mail, and multimedia conferencing features using the PowerMedia XMS.

    The app_server demo is built and compiled on a Linux server using Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Host Media Processing Software Release 4.1LIN (PowerMedia HMP4.1) to handle the SIP IP Call Control as a back-to-back user agent.  The demo handles SIP calls and connects the RTP media stream to PowerMedia XMS.  The business logic in the app_server demo can remotely control the media functions through MSML on the PowerMedia XMS.

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