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Product Selection Guide

This guide now includes:

  • TX Series Small Form Factor Mini-PC: The TX4200E is a low cost/high value, multi-service controller unit suited for digital signage, kitchens, surveillance, point-of-service, PC replacement, and vending or kiosk environments that require a simple and robust POS system. Powered by a dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor with 4GB of DDR3 RAM, the TX4200E series has the power and expandable capability to serve as a PC replacement.
  • HS Series Compact All-in-One: The HS2310 and HS3510 are solutions to the counter-space problem—with an integrated touch screen, thermal printer, MSR, Wi-Fi, optional fingerprint sensor, and multiple secondary customer-display options. They have a footprint no larger than a standard receipt printer—allowing every inch of counter-space usage to be optimized, thus helping to create maximum profit for store owners.
  • MT Series: Posiflex has bridged the fixed terminal/mobile gap with the innovative MT Series of mobile POS tablets for retail, hospitality, and healthcare verticals. Available with Windows 8.1 Industry Pro (MT4208) or Windows 10 IoT (MT4308 & MT4310), the MT Series takes an aluminum diecast, multifunction tablet and transforms it into a complete, compact, all-in-one POS system.