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Flexible, 360-degree surveillance technology

With more than 15 years of experience, Oncam is a global, independent manufacturer specializing in single-sensor, 360-degree fisheye cameras and video-surveillance technologies.

Oncam cameras offer outstanding, 360-degree situational awareness to meet a wide range of surveillance and security needs. They are  designed to work individually or can be combined to capture an area without blind spots—creating multiple use cases that are not possible with traditional, narrow-field-of-view cameras.

The flexible C-Series is Oncam’s latest family of surveillance cameras and includes 8 and 12MP indoor and outdoor cameras, in addition to industry-leading frame rates and innovative technologies. They’re engineered and designed by Oncam and powered by Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform.

If you need 360-degree panoramic coverage of larger areas with fewer cameras, and crisp views of highly important and sensitive areas, use the 12MP C-12 Indoor or Outdoor Camera anytime, anywhere. And look to the 8MP C-08 Indoor or Outdoor Plus for detailed coverage of smaller areas.