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Introducing Bluebird – Our NEW Enterprise Mobility Partner

Bluebird is an innovator and global manufacturer of industrial handheld computers, tablets and mobile payment devices.  From secure mobile payments to workforce automation and customer engagement, Bluebird's broad product portfolio spans all markets, connecting people to information wherever they need it.  Bluebird products are designed by industry experts and have been thoroughly tested in real-life scenarios to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

  • Only One Provider

    The only manufacturer that provides both Enterprise Mobility and Payment Solutions.

  • 22 Years

    +22 years of delivering high quality products and world-class services.

  • 120 Countries

    Bluebird products have been widely deployed in over 120 countries around the world.

  • 3,000 Customers

    Bluebird has helped more than 3,000 customers automate systems and increase efficiency.

  • 10,000 Applications

    Together with the world’s leading enterprise services partners, Bluebird has helped optimize countless work environments.

By partnering with both ScanSource and Bluebird, you have the opportunity to not only expand your business, but also increase your sales while ensuring excellent customer service!

Industry Solutions

  • Retail
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • FMGC
  • Healthcare

Creating the Ultimate Shopping Experience

Customers want to experience a quick, simple, and secure process at point-of-sale. And, as a retailer, it is essential to provide the necessary tools that enable customers to have an ideal shopping experience. Bluebird offers secure retail payment solutions optimized to collect signatures, print receipts, enable one-stop payment, and more - to meet that common goal. Below is a snapshot of all the retail areas in which Bluebird provides the essential tools necessary to ensure quality service:

  • Customer Engagement and Sales 
  • Mobile Payment Terminal
  • POS and Counter Management
  • Merchandising and Inventory Management
  • Storage Management
  • Staff Communications
  • Shopping Guide Integration
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Field Service
  • Device and Asset Management
  • Fleet Management

Not only will your business benefit from highly efficient store management, but it will also be able to deliver exceptional customer service and build stronger customer relationships.

Improved performance equals quality customer service.

By partnering with ScanSource and Bluebird, you will learn to master the supply chain in the distribution industry in no time. Automate and streamline your operations, grow an ongoing customer base, and enable your associates to respond effectively to customer requests. Check out the distribution areas in which Bluebird provides the essential tools necessary to ensure high efficiency and effective customer service:

  • Pickup and Delivery
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Inventory Management
  • Forklift Management
  • Direct Store Deliver (DSD)
  • Mobile Payment Terminal
  • Put-Away and Replenishment
  • Receiving and Sortation
  • Work-Order Validation
  • Packing and Staging
  • CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment)
  • RFID Transportation Solutions
  • Staff Communication
  • Fleet Management

With Bluebird distribution solutions, your business will be more in tune with customers, internal operations, and management needs. By utilizing these advances, many business managers have enhanced their value chain, and subsequently their bottom line. Invest in your success by implementing technology built for your advantage. Contact us today!

Improve your speed, accuracy, and productivity.

Are the quality and efficiency of your business headed in the right direction? Whether customers are traveling in the air or on the ground, the customer experience is essential to success. Bluebird can help you implement flexible and manageable solutions to ensure your operations run efficiently and effectively. Bluebird offers the tools that allow managers to collect and share separate data with employees, customers, and analysts at their own discretion. And, its live data-management systems also allow transportation firms the ability to maximize visibility in an ever-changing business environment.

Below is a snapshot of the transportation areas in which Bluebird provides a full suite of cutting-edge products in the transportation industry:

  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Ticket Validation
  • On-Board Sales
  • Merchandising and Inventory Management
  • Passenger Seat Display
  • In-Flight Sales
  • Integration Travel Information
  • RFID Transportation Solutions
  • Staff Communication
  • Device and Asset Management
  • Fleet Management

Bluebird works with transportation providers on the ground and in the air, to create a memorable customer experience and maximize team member efficiencies. With the ability to execute all functions from one device, employees will operate much more fluently, providing them with more opportunities to make the customer experience great. Get started today!

Amplify your delivery speeds – boost your sales!

In an industry where rapidly moving inventory and customer needs are common, the demand for effective communication and management systems is extremely high. Bluebird's FMCG solutions incorporate asset management, customer engagement, and POS systems to help reduce customer service costs and boost sales. Utilizing these tools helps managers empower associates to communicate internally and externally, which is essential to successful customer experiences.

Below are the various areas in which Bluebird provides exclusive products to accommodate these everyday experiences:

  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Warehouse Management
  • Promotion Asset Management
  • Customer Engagement and Sales
  • POS and Counter Management
  • Mobile Payment Terminal
  • Merchandising and Inventory Management
  • Staff Communication
  • Shopping Guide Integration
  • Staff ID Management
  • Fleet Management

Begin integrating the suite of management options for your business that will help your associates provide better customer service and improved delivery!

Improving Efficiency and the Quality of Care

Healthcare professionals are required to communicate, collaborate, and securely access sensitive data while ensuring patient safety. Bluebird mobile computing solution delivers the proven performance, high reliability, and all the functionalities healthcare workers and hospitals need.  

What Benefits Can Your Nurses and Staff Enjoy?

Disinfectant-Ready Housing
Designed to withstand regular exposure to harsh cleaning agents, the EF400/EF500 is compatible with a variety of common wipe forms of disinfectant solutions used in hospitals to sanitize medical devices.

Full-Shift Power
Bluebird’s efficient power-management solution and user-replaceable battery deliver full-shift reliability. Hot Swap mode lets the users change the battery without having to reboot. keeping the device in service 24/7.

Best-in-Class Scanning Performance
With the advanced scanning technology, clinicians capture 1D- and 2D-barcodes, and the most problematic barcodes found in pharmacies, labs, and at the point-of-care, quickly and accurately.

Efficient Voice Communication with BlueSIP™
Bluebird VoIP software solution, BlueSIP™, provides cost-effective, flexible voice communication that extends PBX features to Bluebird mobile computers, turning them into fully-featured mobile desk phones that empower nurses and clinicians to provide better patient care.

Durability for Everyday Use
EF400/EF500 looks sleek like a smartphone, but delivers enterprise durability that consumer devices lack. Built for all-day use in the healthcare environment, the device have been engineered to withstand drop and shock, as well as exposure to heat and freezing temperatures.

Enterprise Security and Support
With Bluebird’s device-management solution BluePRO™, EF400/EF500 provides initial provisioning and device control, allowing multi-user log-on and easy device sharing, while delivering enterprise security by preventing unauthorized users from accessing data, as well as the installation and opening of unauthorized apps.