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About Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks is a leader in software-driven networking solutions for enterprise customers. Providing a combined end-to-end solution from the data center to the access point, Extreme Networks designs, develops, and manufactures wired and wireless network-infrastructure equipment, and develops the software for network management, policy, analytics, security, and access controls. We strive to help our customers and partners “Connect Beyond the Network” by building world-class software and network infrastructure solutions that solve the wide range of problems faced by information technology (IT) departments—increasing IT’s value to the business.

With more-than 20,000 customers located across more than 80 countries, Extreme Networks strives to maintain customer relationships long after the sale. Providing industry-leading customer support is priority one and, as such, it is in-sourced to help ensure the ongoing success of organizations large and small, including some of the world's leading names in business, education, government, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and hospitality.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the evolution of the cloud have made reliable and secure internet connections critical to business success. In this time of rapid changes and market shifts, delivering a focused value proposition based on automation, simplicity, high-quality solutions, and outstanding customer support is vitally important. As the volume and the demands of users, applications, data, and devices on networks continue to increase, Extreme Networks stands ready to help IT deal with the ever-evolving needs of the business.

Extreme Networks helps resellers edge out their competition by delivering a value proposition based on a software-driven approach to network management, control, and analytics.

Key points of differentiation

End-to-end, wired and wireless solutions
  • Extreme Networks offers a complete, unified portfolio of software-driven network-access technology. We offer the latest in wireless access points for both outdoor and indoor use, plus a complete line of switches to cover the campus—right up to, and including, the data center.
Single unified management system
  • Extreme Networks provides visibility and control across the entire network, for management and troubleshooting with lower operating expenses. Our software can also manage other vendors’ network devices, enabling IT to maximize device lifespan, only swapping them out once they are completely depreciated.
Visionary, software-driven, vertical solutions
  • Extreme Networks’ software-driven solutions are easily adaptable to vertical solutions in healthcare, education, manufacturing, government, and hospitality. To that point, Extreme Networks’ solutions are well-suited for vertical-specific partners.
Application-aware QoS and analytics
  • Extreme Networks has innovative analytic software that enables administrators to see application usage across the network and apply policies that maximize network capabilities. This allows IT to improve the user experience and increase its value to the business.
Built-in identity and access control
  • Extreme Networks’ network access control and identity management are delivered with the wired and wireless hardware. There is no need to add expensive software or hardware that may require complex compatibility testing.
EZ policy assignment and software-defined networking (SDN)
  • ExtremeControl and ExtremeManagement software allow administrators to assign policy across the entire network. The SDN component adds versatility for implementing policies that maximize network utilization.
100% in-sourced tech support
  • Customers and analysts concur that Extreme Networks delivers one of the highest levels of customer support in the industry, with 92-percent first-call resolution through a 100-percent in-sourced support model.
In summary
  • Extreme Networks sells products primarily through an ecosystem of channel partners who combine our ethernet, wireless and management, and software analytics products with their vertical-specific offerings to create compelling IT solutions for end-user customers.