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Founded in 1976, Opticon is a worldwide family of companies consisting of Opticon, Inc., OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd and Opticon Sensors Europe BV. Opticon has a proud tradition of developing and manufacturing world-class 1D laser and 2D imager barcode scan engines. These engines are used, in turn, to power fixed-position scanners, cabled and wireless scanners, data collectors, companion scanners and mobile devices.


Opticon maintains its industry leadership position by continuing to develop innovative technology. Most recently, Opticon has been a leader in 2D auto-focus, liquid lens technology and in e-paper display technology, which is used in electronic shelf labeling (ESL) solutions. Opticon designs and manufactures its products in ISO 9001 certified facilities and observes international standards of quality, safety and environmental protection.  

Opticon supports a broad network of partners – telecommunication carriers, system integrators, distributors, independent software developers, and resellers – who provide innovative solutions, diverse service offerings and focused industry expertise. Opticon views the success of its partners as one of its core values.