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Poly Maintenance Services

The right level of service. Where, and when, needed.

Poly Global Services wants your customers to have an excellent support option for their needs. That’s why these service options are designed to provide just the right level of assistance and technical expertise—exactly where and when they are needed most.

Why purchase support?

  • Having direct access to an account-specific service manager and engineering resource to address your customers' questions saves time, money, and resource investments. (For Elite Service only.)
  • Most communications and IT departments can’t address all of their clients’ IT needs, especially when it comes to conferencing and collaboration.
  • Technology is constantly changing, making it hard to keep up with the latest innovations and software updates, including those in the conferencing world.
  • Receive unlimited support—asking technical questions, obtaining replacement equipment, and keeping equipment up to date are critical to end-user uptime and usage of conferencing equipment.
  • Once they make the investment, most customers want to maximize their returns by purchasing support services that help ensure uptime and usability.

View the Warranty vs. Service Contract resource we created for your benefit!

  • Premier Services
  • ImmersiveCare Services
  • AdvancedAccess Services
  • Elite Services
For Video Endpoints and Infrastructure

Poly's Premier Service Program provides customers with technical telephone support, advance parts replacement, software upgrades and updates, and access to the enhanced support portal. Poly’s program is available through two service offerings: Premier and Premier Onsite.

  • Technical phone support 9 am to 5 pm ET
  • Advanced parts replacement—to minimize downtime
  • Software upgrades and updates—take advantage of the latest software releases available
  • Poly Support Portal—resources at your fingertips
  • On-site support (optional service)
  • Partner-branded version also available

We've compiled our different service offerings in one convenient place:
For RealPresence Immersive

Polycom ImmersiveCare Service Program provides Immersive Telepresence customers with 24/7 technical telephone support, advance parts replacement, onsite support, software upgrades and updates, preventative maintenance and access to Polycom’s enhanced support portal.

Benefits include:

  • 24/7 technical phone support
  • Advanced part replacement—to minimize downtime
  • Software upgrades and updates—take advantage of the latest software release available
  • Polycom support portal—Polycom resources at your fingertips
  • On-site support included
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Partner branded version also available
Solution Support for Mid-size Organizations

Polycom AdvancedAccess Service Program is a premium offering that provides technical assistance for mid-size customers with mission-critical Polycom solutions. Polycom AdvancedAccess covers a customer’s entire Polycom video solution—and expands the value for Polycom’s base maintenance offerings of Premier and ImmersiveCare Service Programs. It also provides customers access to Polycom Technical Support 24/7, the support team and an Assigned Service Engineer, all as set forth below.

The program is available worldwide and requires all customer Polycom Video Products to be covered by the AdvancedAccess Service Program, including any options. Finally, AdvancedAccess is available to customers with a Polycom solution composed of, at a minimum, two RMX products and thirty video endpoints.

  • 24/7 technical phone support with an account specific phone number
  • Access to AdvancedAccess support team of highly-skilled video engineers
  • Assigned service engineer responsible for all technical oversight of support issues
  • Monthly report (Asset, SR)
  • Onsite support available
  • Partner branded version is also available
Proactive Service for Large Organizations

Polycom’s Elite Service Program is a premium offering that provides support for large customers with mission-critical Polycom video solutions. Elite expands the value for Polycom’s base maintenance offerings of Premier and ImmersiveCare Service Programs. And centers on the assigned roles of Elite Service Manager and Elite Service Engineer.

  • Elite Service Manager
  • Elite Service Engineer
  • Program reviews
  • Asset management
  • Utilization reports
  • Release management
  • Upgrade management
  • Root cause analysis
  • Onsite support is available

Professional Services

For those who demand exceptional levels of performance and reliability, there’s Poly Professional Services. Poly’s experts provide a full range of services designed to meet customer needs throughout the solution lifecycle. From planning and design, to management of video- and audio-conferencing networks, to applications and operations—they’ll get the job done right the first time.

Poly Care Protection

At ScanSource, we care deeply about the time and money you invest in showing your clients the value of Poly communication solutions. That's why we're the only distributor with the amazing level of service and expertise offered through Poly Care service options. Besides access to our extremely knowledgeable sales, marketing, merchandising, and technical teams, you also are able to offer your Poly clients Poly Care that protects their products.