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If you’re already a ScanSource partner, you’re accustomed to the experience we seek to provide partners: high-touch, solutions-focused communication and support designed to help grow your business. Whether you’re a new or existing Cisco partner, you have a world of information and options to consider when starting or growing your Cisco practice – and it can be daunting! That’s why we are excited to introduce our newest offering for our Cisco partners: The Evolve Cisco Practice Builder.

Designed for complete Cisco enablement, training and practice building, this tool is a one-stop shop for enablement and growing your business. Launching in June, the Evolve Cisco Practice Builder offers ScanSource Cisco partners a comprehensive resource that will accelerate your business through enablement and true partnership.

●      Designed to LAUNCH your Cisco business, the Evolve Cisco Practice Builder is perfect for brand new or growing Cisco partners who need deep-dive understanding and full support with Cisco enablement, including Cisco certifications for their sales and engineering teams. The LAUNCH phase of trainings, informative resources and customized road-mapping opportunities will help lay the essential groundwork of a healthy and sustainable Cisco practice.

●      For building MOMENTUM in your pipeline, the Evolve Cisco Practice Builder offers a one-stop shop for arranging custom-tailored Cisco training and business plans that will help you engage and close more deals. By diving into offerings like Cisco Collaboration, Cisco Meraki, and Cisco Security, partners, security leaders and managed service providers all have a unique path to greater MOMENTUM and more opportunities.

●      The Evolve Cisco Practice Builder helps you ACCELERATE your success through high-touch support and Cisco enablement, using a customized combination of Cisco trainings, partner marketing assistance, marketing funding, Cisco certifications, demo gear and ScanSource dedicated team members who will guide you through the process from start to finish. As you ACCELERATE, your path may look completely unique to you – but the end goal will always be to make your practice more profitable!

Because we understand the challenges you face every day, our Evolve Cisco Practice Builder is designed to work like a turbo boost to your Cisco business, offering you the ability to truly personalize enablement and training to your unique capabilities and needs. This includes one-of-a-kind, truly automated platforms like ScanSource’s CASCADE offering for Cisco customers. CASCADE offers a seamless, quote-to-order experience and faster time to market for Cisco partners, along with the latest in cloud-service distribution technology from ScanSource. With tools like CASCADE and Evolve, you have more time to expand your customers’ Cisco SaaS and hardware solutions, while enjoying simplified and accelerated quote management, ordering and invoicing.

The digital age isn’t slowing down – and neither should you! But relationship and personal engagement still comprise the foundation of a sustainable and growing Cisco business. At ScanSource, we offer you end-to-end Cisco practice building tools and solutions, customized to you, with the personal service and support to help you become more profitable and never leave money on the table.

Whether you need partner marketing assistance, demo gear, or a hands-on guide through the world of Cisco certifications, we’re here for you at every step of the sales cycle. The pace of change may be lightning-fast, but our dedicated team and resources are here to walk with you every step of the way – and the Evolve Cisco Practice Builder is the next step in your journey.

Click here to start the evolution and begin building your most profitable Cisco practice today.