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More Visibility, More Protection, And More Time For You To Work On What Matters Most For Your Business

A firewall is arguably the most commonly known security appliance. It’s not only designed to block unauthorized access while permitting outward communication, but is also part of our daily jargon. So, what does the term "next-generation" firewall mean? They’re more focused on enabling application control, and less focused on combatting threats—meaning they do less to protect you from crafty attackers and damaging malware. And, once your devices are infected, some next-gen firewalls can’t help you quarantine that infection. That’s why your customers need a NGFW that’s also threat-centric. Enter the Cisco Firepower™ NGFW. It’s the industry’s first, fully integrated, threat-focused NGFW, and delivers the comprehensive security protection your customers need, everywhere they need it.

Cisco NGFW Features

Protect against threats
Cisco Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention System delivers the cutting-edge security your customers need to keep out unwanted threats.
Tackle the threats you see, and those you don’t
Cisco NGFW offers an advanced malware protection (AMP) solution that’s easy to integrate.
Predictive intelligence
Cisco NGFW tracks down where your network is most vulnerable, and then suggests the best security solutions to fortify those areas of weakness.
Take advantage of your previous investments
Cisco NGFW integrates with various Cisco network security products—providing you with stronger security.

How Cisco NGFW Solutions Benefit Business

Prevent breaches
Automate to save time and work smarter
See more to detect and stop threats fast