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Cisco AMP Helps You Detect, Monitor, And Remove Even The Most Advanced Malware

Cyberattacks are in the news far too often these days. As they become more and more advanced, so must your customers’ security measures to combat them. Think of this as an ongoing battle, and not a one-time skirmish. To prevent attacks, your customers need to be as proactive as possible. If they’re attacked, they need to know about it as soon as possible, so they can contain the infection before it spreads. And they need to know how to rid their systems of the intruder so they can resume business quickly. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) protects your customers pre-attack, aids them during an attack, and helps them recover post-attack.

Cisco AMP Features

Advanced security starts with advanced intelligence
Cisco AMP utilizes Cisco Talos’ daily analysis of massive quantities of malware and data to deliver proactive protection from threats.
Point-in-time malware detection and blocking
When malware is discovered early, protection can begin immediately. That’s why Cisco AMP analyzes data in real time—because there’s no time to waste when your network is being attacked.
Even the most advanced attacks can be stopped
Cisco AMP’s automated files analysis can reveal even the most sophisticated attacks, so your customer’s security teams can deal with them as quickly as possible.
Continuous, reliable security
When a file enters your network, Cisco AMP is there to watch, analyze, and record its activity. When it sees malware, it alerts your security team to where it originated and where it’s been, so it can be quickly contained.

How Cisco AMP Solutions Benefit Business

Detection time is 521x faster than industry average
Eliminates network blind spots
Recognized as an anti-virus by Windows