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Cloud-managed smart cameras … that are smarter for business

Bringing the magic of Meraki to the world of enterprise video security, the MV family of cloud-managed smart cameras can provide reliable security to organizations of any scale—and round it out with valuable business insights. Further, these intuitive devices are impossibly simple to deploy, easy to configure, and a breeze to manage.

Meraki MV’s range of valuable features includes:

Centralized cloud management
With no requirement for additional software, users can securely monitor and manage all of their MV cameras from anywhere, at any time.
All-in-one ease
When your customers purchase Meraki MV cameras, everything they need is included in the box. (And the cameras’ powerful hardware and video-storage capabilities ensure they won’t need an NVR or any extra analytics packages.)
Robust security
For added protections, MV cameras purchase publicly signed SSL certificates automatically, and all Meraki management data is encrypted by default.
Bandwidth preservation
Because the MV’s novel architecture enables video recordings to be stored on the camera rather than in the cloud, bandwidth is preserved to support critical network activities.

Why partner with ScanSource to sell Meraki MV?

With a wealth of dedicated resources, ScanSource can help you grow your Meraki practice—both expanding the powerful solutions you can offer to your customers and growing your revenue stream. Among the beneficial resources you can tap into with ScanSource’s help:

Dedicated Meraki Support Team—including a business development manager and a networking business manager
Dedicated SE Team—can assist with BOMs and designs, as well as offer free virtual site surveys (as much as 100,000 square feet)
Dedicated Marketing Resources—benefits include help with events, campaign management, and Cisco program enablement
Full CCW Support—enabling you to leverage estimate assistance, deal registration assistance, and customized training

Options for every deployment

A range of key features makes Meraki MV smart cameras versatile enough to meet users’ needs in a wide variety of verticals and for a long list of applications. Some of these valuable features include:

  • Everything needed for a successful deployment
  • Remote adjustment of optical and software settings
  • High-grade, solid-state storage integrated
  • HD recording capabilities
  • Advanced, mobile-grade processor included in all second-generation cameras*
  • Broad model range to support multipurpose deployments

*On all second-generation cameras (with model number ending in 2)

Leading-edge architecture



Broad versatility

Retail—streamline store operations and boost IT capabilities
Healthcare—boost safety levels for patients and staff 
Education—make learning more effective in every environment 
Hospitality—keep guests satisfied by going beyond the guest Wi-Fi basics
Warehousing & Manufacturing—future-proof IT infrastructure