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Meraki: Scalable Visibility

Cisco Meraki is a network management solution for organizations of all sizes, with a simple design that automatically integrates the most powerful and latest technology with instant updates. Providing easy scalability and superior ease of use, Meraki is an ideal solution for organizations with diverse networking specifications.

Cisco Meraki boasts a full IT portfolio of solutions to help fulfill your customers' unique requirements. These include everything from security cameras and switching solutions, to enterprise mobility management, and wireless. Cisco Meraki is perfect for partners looking to grow and scale their IT. Meraki can be used for businesses or organizations with lean IT needs and for organizations that want to improve their VoIP management through cloud connections. 

Cisco Meraki Features

Wireless access points
Businesses with BYOD policies benefit from Cisco Meraki wireless access points. Customers get speedier connections, increased coverage and capacity, and reliable network security.
Cameras and phones
Cloud-managed security cameras and work phones from Meraki improve user communication and use cloud-hosted dashboards for easier configuration and management.
Cisco Meraki switches are managed in the cloud to improve network visibility and offer remote troubleshooting. Performance is scalable and is assisted through a simple, intuitive management system.
Enterprise mobility management
Whatever devices your customers are using, Cisco Meraki's enterprise mobility management makes sure they all stay connected and secure.

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