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For ScanSource Cisco customers and new partners, there’s a truly one-of-a-kind automated platform now available to you that adds boundless value to your Cisco business and helps you build recurring revenue: CASCADE.

This new offering exclusively through ScanSource integrates the latest in cloud-service distribution technology with Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) tools to provide a user-friendly, automated platform. With CASCADE, ScanSource Cisco customers can self-serve broad management of all Cisco subscriptions in one place, creating the ideal seamless quote-to-order experience to help accelerate time-to-market. The value is tangible and boundless, making it easy to see why you should connect with the CASCADE team for a 1-on-1 demo today.

ScanSource designed CASCADE in partnership with Cisco to accomplish some key benefits for partners. To begin, the team knew that faster quoting and seamless ordering was a must for partners. Offering partners more time to expand their customers’ Cisco SaaS and hardware solutions was equally as crucial as providing Account Managers access to on-demand quotes and orders. Creating a better workflow began the waterfall of benefits for partners, but we didn’t stop there.

With CASCADE, Cisco partners can download, save and manage quotes from any approved Cisco deals in their pipeline. With broad partner insights, the CASCADE platform provides partners a comprehensive overview of subscriptions, giving a bird’s-eye view of the entire Cisco XaaS portfolio. Simplified invoicing and comprehensive quoting support come together to wrap the entire CASCADE package up beautifully for discerning partners and their demanding Cisco customers.

CASCADE enables ScanSource partners to continue building strong SaaS and develop a recurring revenue practice. How? Here’s a quick primer of just a few key features of CASCADE:

●      Makes management of orders beyond easy

●      Provides unparalleled visibility into Cisco telemetry data

●      Streamlines order tracking with helpful email notifications

●      Displays an intuitive dashboard view of your portfolio

●      Creates a completely unique Cisco partner experience

●      Makes new customer registration a breeze

●      Lays the foundation for strong distributor relationship between partners and ScanSource

That’s just the beginning. And with dedicated team members always available, existing CASCADE partners have access to constant support and quick response on any needs they may have.

CASCADE’s cloud-service distribution platform was created for one simple reason: Because the digital age is all about personal touch. ScanSource designed CASCADE to simplify the most relevant challenges of today’s Cisco partner – creating more time to grow your business and establish more recurring revenue customers. Ultimately, CASCADE exists exclusively for ScanSource partners because ScanSource knows partners are the heart of its business – and this platform is designed specifically to meet the most crucial needs of your business.

The best news about CASCADE is that you can look for a continuing flow of new features in the future, including added partner insights and auto-renewal for subscriptions. Look forward to being able to see 30-, 60- and 90-day renewal data across all active Cisco subscriptions. Now, you can rely on the empowerment of viewing all Cisco subscriptions that are set up for auto-renewal or set to expire, with visibility of upcoming invoices giving you planning power and deep knowledge of every angle of your business.

CASCADE is a ScanSource cloud platform designed to truly enable partners to take the next step in building strong SaaS recurring-revenue practices while simplifying the management of the daily flow of business. We give you unparalleled visibility and control over your Cisco subscription data – so that you can have unparalleled confidence and clarity in the future of your Cisco business.

To learn more about CASCADE or secure your registration and login information, visit our website or sign up today to get started.