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For ScanSource Cisco partners who are looking for the best way to position their customers for better user experience, improved reliability and increased network speeds, look no further than Wifi-6! And if you want to know when the right time to suggest an upgrade is, we can assure you that the time is now. ScanSource has dedicated teams ready to support your move to upgrade customers’ networks with Cisco and Meraki’s Wi-Fi 6-enabled products, so read on to learn more about why this is the next must-have for you and your customers.


Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11ax, is the latest installment of wireless capability, designed not just for the network of today, but for the network of tomorrow. And with the number of Wi-Fi devices already surpassing the 26 billion mark in 2020, your customers truly need this upgrade. Wi-Fi 6 delivers higher effective speeds and will support more devices in the future, including new applications, live streaming 4K and 8K video, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality.


In fact, Wi-Fi 6 works in lock step with 5G, especially in hyper-mobile applications like outdoors, vehicles, and remote work environments. Both Wi-Fi 6 and 5G offer improved reliability for connections between mission critical IoT devices – which is good news, because by the year 2025, experts predict around 152,000 connected IoT devices per second. For industries like manufacturing and energy, where IoT devices inform countless aspects of production and communication, reliable and high-performing networks will be crucial to profitability and security in the years to come.


While ideal for indoor environments, Wi-Fi 6 is also perfectly equipped to provide increased effective speeds and seamless connectivity in dense environments and sites like stadiums and convention centers. Uninterrupted wireless access benefits consumers, mobile workers and organizations through an uncanny ability to support new applications, increase network capacity, and connect more users and devices. With the increased speed to support immersive experiences common to retail, healthcare, and education verticals, it’s clear: Wi-Fi 6 is the wave of the future for countless industries and their customers.


No matter the industry or customer type, the next step in the conversation is to educate your customers on how these improvements will benefit their profitability and position them for growth. Wi-Fi 6 provides a consistent network connection and seamless user experience, while transmitting more data with higher capacity than ever before.


With boosted bandwidth at their disposal, your customers’ networks will achieve greatly increased speeds – up to four times faster than 802.11ac! And with the Cisco Networking and Cisco Meraki range of Wifi-6 enabled devices – ranging across access points, routers, and more – you can provide your customers with greater mobility, expansive visibility, and stronger analytics. Cisco Networking and Cisco Meraki’s Wi-Fi 6 enabled range also offers cloud-based dashboard readouts that feature simplified controls, useful analytics and broad network insights. And with performance monitoring and best-in-class security, including simplified multi-site management, the Cisco family of Wi-Fi 6 offerings make it easy for users to maintain tight management and iron clad security across their networks at scale.


To learn more about how Wi-Fi 6 truly changes the game for your customers, listen in to the ScanSource Break I.T. Down Podcast episode all about this exciting new offering – and then connect with our team for customized support and enablement. Let’s take the next step into Wi-FI 6 – together.