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By harnessing the right insights and analytics, your customers can transform the way they see their businesses. And with the help of Zebra's RFID solutions, they can more easily connect their company assets, data, and people—smartly and in more collaborative workflows. As a result, they can better sense what's happening, analyze and/or anticipate the implications, and make better-informed action decisions, all in real time. Zebra calls them Intelligent Edge solutions—your customers will call them the next breakthrough for their business.

Products and Solutions

Marking an exciting time for RFID, recent years have seen the technology become easier to design, integrate, and deploy across nearly every industry. A driving force behind devices such as handheld or fixed readers and scanners, antennas, printers, and middleware, RFID enables a unique ability to locate, authenticate, and track tagged items quickly and efficiently. It’s becoming more and more comprehensive and cohesive as a solution, as well as increasingly optimized to be integrated into different infrastructures.

Nearly every industry is being challenged to connect technologies, assets and workers into a consistent, fully scaled operational ecosystem. Intelligent-edge technologies like RFID deliver ready and able answers.

Experience The

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Discover the power of Zebra’s RFID solutions with these video resources

Learn more about Zebra’s broad portfolio of solutions powered by RFID technology by watching these quick and informative videos.

Zebra RIFD overview
Shipping from a warehouse using Zebra RFID 
Modernize your warehouse with Zebra RFID
Picking/packing in a warehouse using Zebra RFID
Encoded tags using Zebra RFID
Receiving in a warehouse using Zebra RFID