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Zebra Barcode Scanners

Accurate data capture via barcode scanners helps a variety of industries keep their business operating swiftly and efficiently. From hospitals and retail spaces to warehouses and manufacturing plants, think about Zebra Technologies barcode scanners for any vertical market. They can help speed up checkouts, improve inventory tracking, and more.

Types and Benefits of Zebra Scanners

For any business task that requires a scanner, there is a Zebra Technologies option to get the job done efficiently. Zebra offers dozens of scanners, so you can find the fit for your clients.

Zebra barcode scanners offered by ScanSource include:

Handheld Scanners

Using handheld scanners from Zebra allows employees to capture the data they need in an instant, and sync it with the proper networks to keep all parties informed and running smoothly. Handheld scanners can be used in retail settings to keep track of inventory and determine when to reorder, and can process checkouts anywhere in a store for a faster, more user-friendly experience.

They can be used in a patient's hospital room to monitor medication dosage, or in a warehouse aisle to manage supplies. Manual data-capture processes increase the probability of errors and waste time and resources. Using automated and accurate handheld scanning helps keep processes precise and efficient, while rugged designs can withstand the rigors of demanding environments.

  • DS2200 SERIES
  • DS8100 SERIES
  • DS4600 sERIES
  • CS60 Series
  • DS3600-KD
  • LI36x8-ER



DS2200 Series - Affordability and Simplicity Delivered

2D barcodes have made their way to point-of-sale, appearing on everything from the items shoppers are purchasing to printed and electronic coupons and loyalty cards. 1D scanners cannot capture the new 2D codes, leading to exceptions that slow down the checkout process and frustrate shoppers at that last key personal touchpoint in the store. But with the Zebra DS2200 Series, retailers can scan it all.

The DS2200 Series is an affordable 1D/2D imager that does not compromise performance or features for price. Users can choose the model that best fits their POS needs—the corded DS2208 or the cordless DS2278. The DS2200 Series offers affordability with the deployment, ease of use, and management simplicity businesses require.

Pre-configured and ready to use, right out of the box

Since default settings are optimized for the majority of scanning applications, the DS2200 Series imager is usable the moment it's removed from the box—no configuration required. Just plug the DS2200 Series into a point-of-sale (POS) and the auto-host detect cables will automatically identify the interface and connect the imager, simplifying and reducing setup time. With Zebra's industry-first Scan-to-Connect technology, workers can pair the cordless DS2278 with any Bluetooth-enabled PC, tablet, or smartphone in a single step.

Instant decoding with PRZM intelligent imaging
Only from Zebra, PRZM's software decode algorithms for the DS2200 Series deliver exceptional performance on poor-quality barcodes. The result is first-time, every-time scanning to help workers improve productivity at the checkout counter.

Our unsurpassed scanning range and simplicity
Workers can scan barcodes across a wide range (0.5 in./1.23 cm to 14.5 in./36.8 cm), improving checkout speed and reducing training time. And with omni-directional scanning, users never need to line up the imager and the barcode—unlike 1D scanners.

Easily customize settings with 123Scan 
This complementary software tool is so intuitive that even a first-time user can easily set up a DS2200 Series imager. The wizard-driven interface makes it easy to embed all settings into a single programming barcode, enabling configuration of devices with a single scan.

On-the-fly switching between handheld and hands-free scanning
Regardless of whether workers are using the corded DS2208 or the cordless DS2278, workers can simply place the imager in its presentation stand to automatically switch to hands-free mode—no change of settings is required.

Battery designed to last 
The long-lasting 2400 mAh Lithium Ion battery in the cordless DS2278 will likely never need to be replaced, reducing total cost of ownership and simplifying everyday management by eliminating the need to purchase and manage a battery pool. Plug the imager directly into the host or any standard wall socket via the Micro USB cable to charge the DS2278 in just an hour. The presentation cradle, which provides hands-free scanning, charges the DS2278 in just four hours.



DS8100 Series - Outstanding Performance, Innovation, and Manageability

Zebra is introducing a new, 2D, general-purpose handheld portfolio that meets the needs of customers, regardless of application or price-point. A new standard in general purpose hand-held imagers has emerged. With the fastest scanning performance in its class, innovative new features to empower workers at the point-of-sale, and Zebra’s exceptional manageability tools, the DS8100 series separates itself from other imagers. It is well-suited for those who place a high value on improving productivity at the point-of-sale, and creating a more satisfying checkout experience for their customers.

Innovative Features of the DS8100 Series Include:
Outstanding performance on virtually every barcode in any condition
The DS8100 Series combines the power of an 800 MHz microprocessor, a high-resolution megapixel sensor, and Zebra's exclusive PRZM technology. With this unique combination of hardware and advanced algorithms, the DS8100 Series instantly captures the most problematic barcodes—including dense, poorly-printed, crinkled, faded, distorted, dirty, or damaged—as well as electronic barcodes on dimly lit displays.

Exceptional Scan Range
A scanning range of up to 24 in./61 cm, a high resolution imaging sensor, and a bright "aiming spot" improve checkout speed. Now, cashiers in busy checkout environments can easily scan items in a customer's shopping cart—without leaving the register.

Power to scan continuously for 24 hours
No matter how busy a store is, with Zebra's exclusive PowerPrecision+ smart battery in the cordless DS8178, workers will have the power they need for the busiest shift. Scanning devices are always available—no need for charging during the business day.

Support for the barcode of the future: Digimarc®*
The DS8100 Series supports Digimarc digital watermark technology, which enables a barcode to be printed repeatedly over all surfaces of a product like wallpaper—yet remain completely invisible to the naked eye. Cashiers no longer need to locate and position a barcode in the imager's field of view, enabling faster checkout and easier self-checkout.
* Available April 2017

Capture multiple barcodes with one press of the scan trigger 
Multi-code Data Formatting (MDF) provides the ability to capture multiple barcodes, and transmit only those required in the precise order the application requires.



DS4600 Series Scanners

More data-capture options, better versatility, larger range
Whether workers need to scan barcodes at checkout, at the patient bedside, or on the electronics-manufacturing production line, there's a DS4600-series scanner that is right for the job. This feature-rich family scans items of all sizes, reads barcodes in nearly any condition, and offers the widest working range in its class—enabling workers to do more with a single device.

With multiple models, customers get the right set of features and purpose-built innovation for their businesses. The DS4600 for retail offers snappy, general-purpose scanning, and it can scan barcodes from up to 28 inches away. The DS4600 for healthcare is disinfectant-ready and optimized to read challenging barcodes found in hospitals. The DS4600 for electronics manufacturing offers superior performance on high-density codes and marks.

The DS4600 series offers the fastest scanning performance in its class: an 800 MHz microprocessor, a high-resolution megapixel sensor and Zebra's exclusive PRZM intelligent-imaging technology provide near-instant barcode capture on even the most challenging barcodes. The DS4600 series is also pre-configured for the scanning applications customers use every day. Just plug the scanner into the host—a smart cable identifies the interface, and users are ready to go. And Zebra's industry-preferred management tools make it easier than ever to manage scanners, no matter where they're located.

The DS4600 series for retail

The versatile scanner that does more for the store
Retail businesses can have the versatility and scanning performance they need to boost productivity and shrink wait times throughout the whole store. Bulky items in a shopping cart, a shopper's driver's license at the returns desk, a mobile coupon at checkout, tiny barcodes in the jewelry department—the DS4600 series for retail can capture it all. Plus, with an industry-leading, 28-inch scan range and a bright aim dot, it's easy for checkout associates to scan items in a shopper's cart without leaving the cash wrap. 
Industry uses: retail, hospitality, quick-serve restaurants

The DS4600 series for healthcare

Deploy one scanner throughout the whole hospital
Designed for use throughout the entire hospital, the DS4608-HC can withstand constant disinfecting at the point-of-care. It also has an LED aimer that is safe for use in the NICU. This versatile scanner accurately and easily captures virtually every type of barcode found throughout the hospital, including smaller, high-density barcodes, curved barcodes found on medicine bottles and blood vials, and barcodes on color-coded specimen trays and biopsy cassettes. Also, night mode ensures clinicians get instant feedback of a successful scan without disturbing a resting patient.
Industry use: healthcare

The entire DS4600-series fleet is covered by a standard, five-year warranty. Plus, Zebra OneCare Support Services go beyond the standard warranty to cover it all—helping to eliminate unexpected repair costs and maximize device up-time. Keep your customers' scanners operating at peak performance and generate more revenue and margin on your device sales with Zebra OneCare services.

Lead with the DS4600 series when your customers:
  • Want a single solution for healthcare? Healthcare customers get one device for all their data-capture needs with the DS4600 series for healthcare. This versatile imager accurately and easily captures virtually every barcode found at the point-of-care, pharmacy, and lab. Designed for use throughout the whole hospital, the DS4608-HC can withstand constant disinfecting at the point-of-care and has an LED aimer that is safe for use in the NICU. Plus, Zebra's industry-preferred management tools make it easy to integrate and manage scanner deployments of any size.

  • Require a simple, hassle-free retail solution. Retail customers get more data-capture versatility, larger range, and extra innovation with the DS4600 series. This feature-rich family enables retail associates and other workers to scan items of all sizes, read barcodes in nearly any condition, and handle transactions of all kinds. Bulky items in a shopping cart, a customer's driver's license at the returns desk, a mobile coupon at checkout, tiny barcodes in the jewelry department—the DS4600 series can capture it all.



CS60 Series Companion Scanner

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The CS60 easily converts between corded and cordless, handheld and hands-free, operation. Simply swap the battery and corded USB converter and the CS60 is ready for a new workflow.

As a cordless companion scanner paired to a cradle or mobile device, the CS60 is small enough to tuck in a pocket and offers the latest mobile technology. As a corded scanner, the CS60 offers compact handheld or hands-free scanning at the checkout counter, self-service kiosk and more.



DS3600-KD Keypad and Color Display

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As a member of the Zebra 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series of scanners, the practically indestructible DS3600-KD scanner is ready for the world’s toughest environments — the warehouse and manufacturing floor. The ergonomic keypad and color display let workers key in data, such as adding quantity and location, to complete picking, putaway and inventory tasks with amazing efficiency and accuracy. A suite of pre-built applications is ready to use right out of the box. Designed to capture virtually any barcode as far as 7 ft./2.1 m away, these scanners are loaded with features that deliver truly unstoppable performance, redefining reliability and management simplicity.



LI36X8-ER - Outstanding Scanning Performance in Rugged Environments

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Workers get unstoppable performance in the toughest environments with the corded LI3608-ER and cordless LI3678-ER ultra-rugged, 1D handheld scanners. These best-of-breed linear imagers deliver lightning-fast capture of any 1D barcode displayed on a screen or printed on a label in virtually any condition, nearer and farther than you can imagine—from 2 in./5.1 cm to as far away as 56 ft./17.1 m. Workers only need one scanner to read barcodes on the uppermost shelves of the warehouse racks and in hand, including extra-wide codes just a hand's length away. The versatile design is practically indestructible and ready for use indoors, outside, and even in the freezer. Plus, the LI3608-ER and LI3678-ER stand out in this class because they offer an 8 ft./2.4 m drop spec to concrete, and are dust-tight, spray-proof, and waterproofed to IP67 sealing.

Zebra's complimentary industry-leading tools deliver premier manageability, making it easier than ever to remotely configure scanners, upgrade firmware, format scanned data properly for applications, and more. Get the performance needed to maximize workforce productivity and throughput in operations with the ultra-rugged LI3608-ER/LI3678-ER—only from Zebra.

Innovative Features of the LI36X8-ER Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Premium performance
Businesses get iexceptional scanning performance—period. Workers can scan virtually any 1D barcode from 2 in./5.1 cm to as far away as 56 ft./17.1 m, as fast as they can pull the trigger. No matter if barcodes are under shrink wrap on a pallet, damaged, dirty, or poorly printed, or if they're on the highest warehouse rack—this intelligent scanner can handle it all.

Ultra-rugged design
The warehouse is as tough as it gets. That's why Zebra created a new product category—the ultra-rugged scanner. These freezer-ready, corded and cordless models are built to survive an 8 ft./2.4 m drop to concrete and are dust-tight, spray-proof, and waterproofed to IP65 and IP67, with an IP65-sealed cradle for a complete, rugged cordless solution.

Extreme manageability
With Zebra's complimentary, industry-leading tools, managing these scanners couldn't be easier. Users can remotely configure and upgrade their scanners, format data properly for instant transmission into business applications, monitor battery statistics for the cordless models, and more.

Unstoppable performance for remarkable ease of use
In addition to outstanding scanning performance, an ultra-rugged design, and incredible manageability, users get more features that make this scanner easier than ever to use, including: an intuitive aiming pattern for ultra-simple scanning at any distance; mix-and-match feedback modes so workers can see, hear, or feel successful scans; an extreme temperature rating for freezer use, and more. Zebra's Network Connect for Automation delivers a seamless connection between LI3608-ER/LI3678-ER scanners and an industrial ehernet network, without additional third party equipment—reducing complexity and eliminating a point of failure.

Fixed-Mount Scanners

For hands-free scanning needs, Zebra fixed-mount scanners can scan high-volume barcode amounts in lightning speed, including 1D, 2D, and direct-part marks.

From quick scanning of items at a boutique, to getting passengers on their flights on time by getting their boarding passes scanned, Zebra fixed-mount scanners can scan mobile, paper, and product etching barcodes in a flash, without taking up a ton of space.

The speed and accuracy of the scanners mean people can keep moving, and the small size makes scanners convenient to place in a wide variety of areas. Bulky or difficult-to-manipulate scanners take up precious space and waste time.

  • MP7000


MP7000 - Deliver an Exceptional Checkout Experience in the Busiest Stores

Meet the demands of your retail customers' highest-volume POS lanes with the Zebra MP7000 next-generation, multi-plane 1D/2D imager. Loaded with features that take scanning performance and simplicity to the next level, the MP7000 delivers faster-than-ever checkout in cashier-manned and self-checkout lanes, higher cashier productivity, and POS throughput—and a better shopping experience.

Users get maximum checkout speeds and minimum checkout times with Zebra's most advanced scanning technology, the largest scan zone in this class, and the optional customer-side scanner for self-scanning of electronic and printed coupons and loyalty cards. With our complimentary software tools and predictive diagnostics, users can remotely manage the entire solution and ensure the timely delivery of preventative maintenance, to keep their POS technology up and running.

Innovative Features of the MP7000

Our fastest checkout performance Our most advanced scanning technology ensures instant capture of virtually every electronic and printed barcode. With the largest scan zone in its class, MP7000 delivers true "swipe-and-go" capability. An optional side scanner lets shoppers scan their own coupons and loyalty cards—easing self-checkout and saving time for cashiers.

Our best TCO
The MP7000 is a great investment, offering incredible total cost of ownership (TCO). It delivers maximum uptime with minimum power consumption—up to 60 percent less than competing devices. Solid-state technology means no moving parts and the fewest failure points in its class. With fewer parts and an upper housing that can be removed without tools, repair and maintenance couldn't be easier. Also, because the MP7000 fits into existing cash wraps, your customers can easily upgrade their POS lanes with the latest technology.

Innovation at the POS
With integrated support for the new Digimarc® barcode, your customers will be fully prepared. Also, with the ability to capture checks, receipts, utility bills, and more, they can automate more processes, so cashiers can process purchases even faster. The recessed illumination is practically invisible—easy on the eyes of cashiers and shoppers.

Unrivaled manageability
With every Zebra MP7000, users get powerful, complimentary management software for easy remote management of their entire scanner solution—scanner, scale, and all attached peripherals, such as a handheld scanner. Also, with predictive diagnostics, the information users need to keep their MP7000 devices up and running is always at their fingertips.

Presentation Scanners

There are few things more painful than an ever-expanding line of customers waiting because a presentation scanner is not scanning items correctly. With Zebra presentation scanners that allow the user to pass an item over the scanner for data capture, not only are retail situations improved because of impeccable speed and accuracy, but any environment that requires a presentation scanner experiences improved efficiency.

Items on conveyor belts that are going to be shipped can get their data captured instantly, so they have a smooth journey to reach customers. With a variety of sizes and configurations, Zebra presentation scanners can work for diverse business needs.

  • DS9300 Series
  • DS9900 Series


DS9300 Series 1D/2D Presentation Barcode Scanner

The DS9300 Series is the little presentation scanner with big functionality. With its compact form factor and stylish aesthetics, the DS9300 Series fits anywhere — from trendy boutiques to convenience stores with limited real-estate at the checkout counter. Rapid-fire, best-in-class swipe speeds and unparalleled performance on challenging barcodes keep lines moving. And the durable design is built to handle everyday drops, bumps and spills.


DS9900 Series Corded Hybrid Imager for Retail

Today’s shoppers want short lines, speedy transactions and attentive service. Deliver it all with the DS9900 Series — the scanner built from the ground up for handheld and hands-free use. You get top performance, whether associates pass items in front of the scanner or pick it up to scan merchandise on the counter or in a cart. And industry-leading scanning, seamless switching between modes, an optional RFID model and unrivaled management tools drive throughput and service to a new level.

Healthcare Scanners

In an industry that requires as much accuracy as healthcare, Zebra barcode scanners ensure precision to keep patients and those who work with them safe. They can be used for everything from specimen inventory tracking and labeling to patient admitting and medication administration.

In healthcare settings ranging from pharmacies to laboratories to patient rooms, rapid data capture means caregivers have more time to focus on patients, instead of fumbling around with a faulty scanner.

A scanner that is inaccurate or doesn't work at the exact moment you need it to increases the chances of costly and potentially dangerous labeling errors, which is not a risk that is acceptable in a healthcare setting.

  • CS60-HC Series
  • DS4600 Series
  • DS8100-HC Series
  • DS9900-HC


CS60-HC Series Healthcare Companion Scanner

The CS60-HC easily converts between corded and cordless, handheld and hands-free, operation. Simply swap the battery and corded USB converter and the CS60-HC is ready for a new workflow.

As a cordless scanner paired to a cart-mounted cradle, mobile device or in-room workstation, the CS60-HC is small enough to accommodate any nurse-carry workflow and offers the latest mobile technology. As a corded scanner, the CS60-HC offers compact handheld or hands-free scanning for the pharmacy counter, lab station and more.


DS4600 Series for Healthcare

The DS4600 Series is powered by DataCapture DNA, a set of unique development, management, visibility and productivity tools that lower your TCO and help workers get more done each day. Dramatically simplify scanner deployments of any size with our industry-preferred configuration and management tools. Get the remote analytics you need to keep scanners up and running with visibility tools. Streamline more tasks with productivity tools that let workers capture multiple barcodes with one press of the scan trigger or single out one barcode from many.


Better Workflows for Healthcare Professionals and Better Experiences for Patients

Healthcare providers need to equip their medical professionals with the necessary tools to provide the best in patient care, every second of every day. With Zebra's DS8100-HC Series handheld imagers, now they can. The DS8100-HC Series is purpose-built for healthcare environments.

It provides outstanding performance on virtually every barcode in any condition, flexible user-selectable feedback modes designed for around-the-clock use, and much more—all in Zebra's first-of-its-kind housing, delivering maximum protection against the spread of bacteria.

Help healthcare professionals streamline workflows and deliver better patient experiences with the DS8100-HC Series—only from Zebra.



DS9900-HC Series Corded Hybrid Imager for Labs

Versatile Scanning Options for Challenging Lab Barcodes

Many barcodes found in the lab—including tiny ones on microscope slides, curved ones on medication bottles, and ones on color-coded specimen trays and biopsy cassettes—can be challenging for a general-purpose imager. That's why the DS9900 Series for Labs is purpose-built for medical labs and pharmacies, offering outstanding productivity and ease of use.

A one-of-a-kind, hybrid design delivers optimum performance and ergonomics, whether workers present a specimen sample to the scanner or pick it up. Switching between hands-free and handheld modes is as quick and easy as picking up or putting down the scanner. The DS9900 Series automatically adjusts the scan range to meet the application: scan range is limited in presentation mode to prevent unintentional scanning of nearby items, and extended in handheld mode to easily reach items on a table or in a cart.

An RFID model combines barcode scanning and UHF RFID reading/writing in a single platform—providing an ideal solution for tracking serial numbers, expiration dates, and other critical data in blood processing. Our complementary, industry-leading tools deliver extreme manageability, making it easier than ever to remotely configure scanners, upgrade firmware, format scanned data to fit specific applications, and more.

Lead with the DS9900 Series Corded Hybrid Imager for Labs when your customers:

  • Need to address the specific tasks in a lab: The DS9900 Series for Labs is designed specially to boost workflow efficiency and accuracy critical to patient safety and outcomes—from patient admissions to tracking of medications, blood, tissue, and other specimen samples.
  • Require a hybrid scanner: The DS9900 Series offers a true hybrid form factor that is purpose-built for both handheld and hands-free use, as well as built from the ground up specifically for lab applications.
  • Need industry-leading scanning capability: The DS9900 Series combines an 800-MHz microprocessor, high-resolution megapixel sensor, and Zebra's exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology for premium scanning performance on difficult barcodes—including poorly printed, damaged, faded, and other challenging barcodes. In addition, a the RFID model combines barcode scanning with RFID for faster and more accurate tracking of blood bags and other RFID-tagged specimens.
  • Require easy-management tools: The DS9900 Series for Labs boasts industry-leading management tools to enable effortless deployment, application development, and remote management.

Scanner Accessories

Everything a business needs to keep a Zebra scanner running optimally is available with high-quality scanner accessories. These include batteries, cables, adapters, mounts, brackets, stands, and more.

For a comprehensive line of scanners and accessories, Zebra is an industry leader that combines cutting-edge technology with ease of use. Your clients will love working with Zebra scanners because they make business operations easier and more accurate to execute.

Become a Reseller With ScanSource

If the benefits of Zebra barcode scanners sound like the solution your clients are looking for, you can become a scanner reseller today with ScanSource. Have questions? Contact us for more information about Zebra products. You can also give us a call at 800.944.2432 to talk with a ScanSource representative about how Zebra barcode scanners can help your clients.