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Zebra Technologies Desktop Printers, Barcode Printers, and More

On-demand information and collaboration require the speed and accuracy of high-performance printing solutions. Ideal for industries ranging from manufacturing and warehousing to healthcare, retail, and transportation, the extensive line of printers by Zebra Technologies has models that are durable and precise, to keep businesses moving and ensure customers are satisfied.

Zebra's desktop, industrial, mobile, kiosk, RFID, and card printers can be used in a variety of settings to satisfy diverse business needs. Zebra printers give businesses an edge in today’s increasingly mobile world with instant label printing capabilities, document management assistance so the right employees have access to pertinent data, and receipt procurement to make sales processes faster for customers.

Zebra Printer Functions and Features

From the office to the store to the warehouse, Zebra printers can be used anywhere business processes need to be improved. Here are some details about the types of printers offered by Zebra, examples of how they are used, and how they improve business efficiency.

Desktop Printers

High-performance desktop printers blend fast speed, dependable accuracy, easy usage, low IT requirements, and network manageability. These printers can be used to print everything from nameplates and product labels, to wristbands, receipts, and retail inventory. With a simplified user interface, printing what you need is quick and hassle-free, so printing can seamlessly continue. Other printers are bulky, break down often, require IT support to fix them, and print inaccurate assets. Zebra’s wide range of desktop printers integrates unique features so the right models can be used for the right situations.

  • ZD410
  • ZD420
  • ZD421
  • ZD510-HC
  • ZD620
  • ZD621

The ZD410 - The Little Printer Designed With Big Business Functionality

Get fast, dependable printing in your most space-constrained areas with the ultra-compact ZD410 direct thermal printer. Designed for the smallest of work spaces, the ZD410 lets you print high-quality labels, receipts, tags, and wristbands wherever you need them. The many connectivity options make deployment a breeze. And the ZD410 is easy to use, operate, and troubleshoot - maximizing printer uptime. The ZD410 — the little printer designed with big business functionality.

ZD420 Thermal Transfer Printer

Zebra ZD420 Thermal Transfer Printer: When ease of use, flexibility, and management simplicity matter. The ZD420 offers these unique features, and more:

  • Premium ribbon cartridge
  • Industry-leading print quality
  • Updated user interface
  • More media flexibility



ZD420 Thermal Transfer Printer

Elevate your customers' expectations with the advanced desktop printer that delivers the features, flexibility, reliability and security they need—today and tomorrow. With Zebra's ZD421 printers, customers are assured of quality performance and key features that keep their businesses moving forward, plus unmatched security to prevent downtime and costly cyberattacks.


ZD510-HC Wristband Printing Solution

A wristband printer that specializes in healthcare

Patient wristbands are the foundation for a safer, more efficient process for delivering care. The ZD510-HC Wristband Printing solution combines the reliable ZD510-HC printer with easy-to-load cartridges containing the only antimicrobial-coated wristbands on the market—Zebra's Z-Band® wristbands. Offering comprehensive connectivity options, a disinfectant-ready UV-resistant housing, and the powerful Print DNA suite of applications, utilities, and developer tools, the ZD510-HC increases staff productivity and patient safety. Also capable of printing wristbands for amusement, waterpark, and entertainment applications, the ZD510-HC is Zebra's easiest to use and most dependable wristband printing solution.

  • Compatible with leading ADT systems
  • Easy migration—no matter what kind of wristband printing solution you have today
  • Designed to improve safety and data security

ZD620 - Ideal Print Quality, Efficiency, and Manageability

Advancing the legacy of the industry-leading GX series printers, the ZD620 desktop printer is loaded with state-of-the art features, including a full range of connectivity options, the fastest wireless connections, and an optional 10-button, color LCD interface that takes all the guesswork out of printer setup and status.
Available in both direct thermal and thermal-transfer models, as well as healthcare-specific models, the ZD620 meets a wide variety of application requirements. Field-installable connectivity and media handling options allow users to purchase what they need today, yet easily add new features on-site to meet tomorrow's needs. Also, users can monitor and manage all their ZD620 printers from the cloud, for premier management simplicity.

Innovative Features of the ZD620 Desktop Printer

Easy printer management—all from a single location
The ZD620 supports Zebra Link-OS®, our one-of-a-kind, enterprise printer operating system that makes it easier than ever to manage and troubleshoot networked printers from one remote location. With optional Printer Profile Manager Enterprise, users can manage one printer, a group of specific printers, or all printers anywhere in the world. Users instantly can discover every Link-OS printer on the network, including the ZD620 and other Zebra mobile, desktop, and industrial printers—no need to walk through the facility to locate, configure, or troubleshoot printers. Also, an intuitive, browser-based interface shows printer status at a glance, complete with information that allows users quickly to triage printer issues to minimize downtime.

New, at-a-glance, five LED status icons take the guesswork out of printer status
The standard three-button user interface with five LED-status icons replaces the typical single-button/single-light interface common in desktop printers. Users instantly can see what's needed to keep printers up and running, from replenishing media to resolving printer issues.

Configuration is a snap with the optional color LCD and 10-button user interface
It's easy to set up and configure the ZD620 with the optional 10-button user interface and color LCD. The display changes color when the printer is paused or in an error state, so users instantly can identify and resolve an issue before productivity is impacted.

Backwards compatibility with virtually any existing printer
With the ZD620, regardless of whether customers are currently using a Zebra or competitive printer, they'll be able to use the same label formats and applications they are using today. The ZD620 supports both EPL and ZPL printer languages. With on-printer virtual devices, part of Zebra's Print DNA suite of tools and utilities, the ZD620 can use languages normally associated with other printer brands.

Best-of-breed print speeds
The ZD620 delivers best-of-breed print speeds—8ips @ 203 dpi and 6ips @ 300 dpi—for maximum printer throughput and productivity.

Comprehensive connectivity options
With comprehensive connection options, customers can connect the ZD620 to existing wired and wireless networks, or directly to any PC. Every ZD620 comes with ethernet, serial, USB 2.0 and USB host, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which enables printing from any iOS device. Wireless models include fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. Using the included Print Touch tag (NFC), users can simply tap a compatible mobile device on the ZD620 to pair and print—as well as instantly access Zebra's extensive knowledge base of how-to videos.


ZD620 - Ideal Print Quality, Efficiency, and Manageability

Your customers need a premium, quality printer that's built to perform flawlessly—day in and day out. Give them the ZD621 desktop printer. Elevating the proven and popular GX Series printers, the ZD621 delivers an innovative new architecture to power our ever-expanding printer capabilities and software, unmatched security to safeguard sensitive data and shield from cyberattacks, plus enhanced features, communication and media-handling options that can be added at any time.

Industrial Printers

Rugged and durable to withstand busy and demanding conditions, Zebra's industrial printers are used by businesses in transportation, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare that need instant printing with incredible speed and accuracy. Zebra industrial printers can be used in situations that require labeling, tagging, asset and inventory management, shipping and receiving, quality control, compliance labeling, and much more.

Examples of the benefits Zebra industrial printers provide range from making sure thousands of orders are shipped to the right locations on time to ensuring lab samples are properly labeled. Not having an accurate and dependable printer can mean everything from diminished safety of healthcare patients to the loss of millions of dollars in inventory because of inaccurate transportation information.

  • ZT200 series
  • ZT400 series
  • ZT510
  • ZT600 series


ZT200 Series Industrial Printers - The Right Choice for a Variety of Labeling Applications

As our most affordable line of industrial printers, the ZT200 Series incorporates extensive customer feedback as well as the legacy of our industry-leading Stripe and S4M printers—creating innovative printers with a space-saving design. Featuring Zebra's Link-OS® environment, the ZT200 Series provides users with effortless setup, intuitive operation, and ease of service and maintenance.

Space-saving design
Unique bi-fold door fits easily into tight spaces, maximizing work space.

Fast installation and integration
Ideal replacement printer for previous generations, multiple connectivity options, icon-based status LEDs, and virtual-devices apps ensure fast installation and integration.

Intuitive, effortless media loading
Side-loading design, color-coded cues, and illuminated multi-position transmissive and reflective sensors simplify media loading.

Print quality
Great print precision with fine-tuned adjustments and crisp, clean text and barcodes ensure print quality.

Zebra reliability and durability
ENERGY STAR® qualified, built for light industrial and commercial environments, and designed for optimal performance with minimal maintenance required.

Simplified serviceability
Only three common tools needed for basic service, and simple interchangeable connectivity options, enable rapid printer changes and upgrades.

The Link-OS® environment in-depth
The Link-OS® environment is highly flexible, allowing new and creative ways for users to develop applications that interact with Zebra printers from mobile devices located anywhere in the world.

Simplified operation and outstanding value
The ZT200 series is designed to simplify and shorten servicing and consumable replacement time. The easy, tool-less platen and print-head removal makes it easy for operators to maintain the printer. The side-loading supplies path enables simplified media and ribbon insertion, and color coded-media path clearly directs media and ribbon threading.

Compact footprint fits where space is at a premium
The ZT200 Series printer's compact design, when closed and opened, fits easily in constrained work areas. The ergonomic, bi-fold door requires only 4" (102mm) of door swing room, reducing the printer height and making it ideal for placement under a shelf or against another item.

Versatility at an economical price
Both of the ZT200 series printers feature the same attractive styling, are built on a common platform, and share many of the same internal components. The ZT200 has a 300m ribbon capacity and the ZT230 can accommodate a 450m ribbon. The ZT200 handles a variety of media types and the optional peel, cutter, and line take up offer additional flexibility for a variety of applications.


ZT400 Series Industrial Printers - Designed to Grow with Evolving Needs

Keep your customers' mission-critical operations running efficiently with the ZT400 Series printers. Constructed with an all-metal frame and bi-fold door, ZT400 Series printers deliver advancements in print speed, registration, and connectivity, as well as additional advanced features.

ZT400 printers feature USB, serial, ethernet, and Bluetooth connectivity, along with expanded RFID capabilities. Plus, with Zebra's Link-OS® environment, an innovative operating system, your customer can easily integrate, manage, and maintain these printers from anywhere in the world.
Innovative Features of Zebra's ZT400 Series Industrial Printers
Application flexibility
Expand printing readiness through an exceptional range of media capabilities and media-delivery options.

Effortless to integrate
USB host port enables simple printer configuration by easily transferring data from a USB flash drive, via mirroring and expanding mapped-drive memory capabilities.

Easy to operate
Resolve printer errors quickly, access how-to videos and product support through Near Field Communication, and easily see inside the printer even in poorly lit environments.

Simple to manage
Manage and maintain printers from any location with Link-OS® environment, interact with the cloud, and use Profile Manager to edit and manage one printer or all printers anywhere in the world.

Engineered to meet current and future business needs
Building on the ZM Series' proven reputation for reliability, the ZT400 Series delivers advancements in print speed, connectivity options, and management and support tools. Increased processing power and user memory, along with an open architecture, allow these printers to advance with technology. End-user-installable, media-handling options empower customers to customize the printer to match their needs—both now and in the future.

Designed to deliver ease of integration, operation, and management
Dynamic QR codes for "on-demand," web-based support help users resolve printer errors quickly. The lighted and color-coded, side-loading supplies paths facilitate simple installation of media and ribbon, and the tool-less print head and platen roller replacement keeps operations running. Zebra's Link-OS® environment delivers enhanced capabilities for monitoring, managing, and maintaining ZT Series printers from any location.

Application flexibility
Standard USB, serial, ethernet, and Bluetooth-connectivity options—as well as two open media slots—allow users to utilize non-standard connectivity options (Parallel, Zigbee, etc.), design failover connections, and provide for future protocols. End-user-installable media-handling options allow users to customize the printer to match current and future business needs.


ZT510 Industrial Printer - Taking the 105SLPlus to a New Level with Expanded Performance and Value


Designed to strike the ideal balance between performance and value, Zebra's ZT510 industrial printer includes the core features users need at a budget-friendly price point. Building on the legacy of its industry-leading predecessor the 105SLPlus, the ZT510 provides proven, durable design and construction, while adding advanced management and monitoring capabilities.

The printer offers users 24/7 reliability to keep operations running smoothly today, plus longevity and advanced functionality to power through every challenge in the years to come—all at an exceptional value. The ZT510 also features the best-in-class Link-OS® operating system, making the ZT510 easy to integrate, manage, and maintain from any location around the globe.

Innovative Features of Zebra's ZT510 Industrial Printer
24/7 reliability to eliminate downtime
Customers need printing systems that can support their critical processes and keep ahead of increasing demands. The ZT510 features Zebra's world-renowned, high-quality print mechanisms and internal components to ensure flawless 24/7 performance, provide consistently outstanding quality, and virtually eliminate costly downtime.

Unrivaled durability in the toughest conditions
With an all-metal design, rugged construction, and sealed dome buttons to prevent ingress of dust, dirt, and moisture, the ZT510 is right at home in today's harshest manufacturing and warehouse environments. This durable workhorse is engineered to withstand years of continuous operation, plus extreme temperatures, debris, rough handling, and more.

Value that won't break the budget
The ZT510 is ideal for cost-conscious companies, offering next-generation print performance at an exceptional value. It provides high-duty cycle, rugged reliability, fast processing, advanced Link-OS® capabilities, and all the basic features needed—without the added cost of those not needed. It's even ENERGY STAR® qualified to further protect the bottom line.

A variety of connectivity options for flexible configuration
Featuring a variety of standard communication options including USB, Serial, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth LE, the ZT510 is easy to integrate into existing systems and connect to various networks. Optional Parallel, 802.11a/c with Bluetooth 4.0, USB Host, and IPv6 are also available.

Adaptability to meet evolving needs

The ZT510 is engineered to grow and change with business needs in the future by simplifying hardware upgrades, integrating seamlessly with common device management software, and streamlining software updates with easy-to-use Link-OS® applications.

Additional capabilities that improve performance
From the fast processor that enables quick throughput of even complex graphics to the optional USB Host card slot conveniently located on the back of the printer, the ZT510 optimizes performance at every turn. And dynamic QR codes provide additional "on-demand," web-based support to resolve printer errors quickly.


ZT600 Series Industrial Printers - The Next Generation Xi Series, Now with More Intelligence and Industrial Brawn


Designed to keep critical operations running smoothly, Zebra's high-performance industrial printing systems stand the test of time—both physically and technologically. The ZT610 series has been completely redesigned and replaces the Xi4 printers. This new duo of ZT610 and ZT620 printers features next-generation operational visibility, control, and adaptability, to meet evolving needs.

The ZT610 and ZT620 provide 24/7 reliability. The ZT610 also provides best-of-breed, high-resolution printing for small labels. An advanced, user-friendly design and Link-OS® environment simplify everything from setup and management to troubleshooting. Users gain greater operational visibility with remote access and management, plus future-ready adaptability to meet business needs today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Innovative Features of the ZT600 Series Industrial Printer
24/7 reliability in the harshest environments
ZT600 series printers are built to withstand the most demanding industrial conditions, virtually eliminating operational downtime due to printer failure. Plus, they meet high-volume production needs, day in and day out, with stellar print quality and speed across the widest range of applications.

Micro-consistent printing for top-quality micro labels
Featuring highly precise registration and print line adjustment, the ZT610 offers 600 dpi printing for labels as small as 3 mm for applications like circuit boards, chips, and miniature components—all without wasting expensive media due to improper printing.

User-friendly setup, use, maintenance, and troubleshooting
Intuitive Link-OS® applications and user-friendly design features streamline everything from deployment to daily use to routine maintenance. Compatibility with other printing systems and technologies simplifies integration and management, while onboard sensors, diagnostics, and help resources guide troubleshooting, so users don't have to call in support for every minor issue.

Highly adaptable, future-ready platforms
The last thing users need is a new piece of technology that will be obsolete in just a couple of years. That's why the ZT600 series was engineered with the future in mind—from an adaptable design that allows communications, media handling and other upgrades in the field, to compatibility with SOTI and AirWatch device management software, to intuitive Link-OS® applications that simplify updates and reconfiguration as needed.

Card Printers

From staff identification cards to business cards to customer loyalty cards, Zebra card printers put the power of marketing and staff support in the hands of the business with high-quality printing capabilities. Zebra card printers print directly to plastic cards and feature security and encoding options, so businesses can use them exactly how they need them.

Instead of having to rely on a third-party source to quickly print business cards for an upcoming trade show or get a new employee a working badge, Zebra card printers allow everything to happen in-house, which saves time and money. The creative assets appear on the cards correctly, instead of requiring revisions from a third party, and new assets are instantly created the moment a business needs them.

  • ZC100 
  • ZC10L
  • ZC300 Series
  • ZXP Series 7


ZC100 - Unmatched Simplicity and Flexibility—in a Slim Design

Whether users need to print single-sided employee identity badges or membership and event guest cards, card printing is a crucial aspect of their business. Deployment flexibility and the time it takes to print and manage their card-printing solutions both have an impact on their business—from their brand image to staff productivity, overall operational efficiency, and operating costs. Building on the legacy of the ZXP Series 1 card printer, the ZC100 is new kind of card printer designed to address those needs. Users get groundbreaking simple operation and the slimmest, fit-everywhere design, along with a toolbox of additional capabilities that make the ZC100 even easier to integrate, use, and manage. The ZC100—when only a premium, single-sided card printer will do.

Primary Markets for the ZC100 Card Printer
  • Access control
  • Education
  • Retail/hospitality
  • Financial services
Innovative Features of the ZC100 Card Printer
One of the simplest card printers on the planet
The ZC100 is plug and play, right out of the box—no configuration needed. The ingenious card feeder self-adjusts to card thickness. The new driver offers a graphical user interface that brings a new level of simplicity to managing the printing process, and to the look and feel of printed cards.

Elegantly engineered for game-changing simplicity
There is only one way the ribbon can be inserted into the printer, for fool-proof ribbon changes—and with smart chips in the ribbons, users are sure to always change ribbons before they are spent, avoiding needless printer downtime. With support for diverse languages, the ZC100 is ready for deployment in any part of the world.

Groundbreaking "fits-everywhere" design
The ZC100 is built for business, but it has the consumer good looks required to be right at home in customer-facing areas—from corporate offices to universities to retail stores. The slimmest profile and lowest clearance requirements allow the ZC100 to fit practically anywhere card printing is needed, providing greater deployment flexibility.

Advanced security
The printer cover lock prevents theft of card stock and rejected cards, providing the security required for installation in public-facing areas. And whether users are printing employee badges, ID cards, season passes and membership cards, or credit and debit cards, they can choose the encoding option of their choice. Options include adding a "swipe-and-go" magnetic stripe, or a ZIP Pocket with Zebra's new Software Development Kits (SDKs) to easily incorporate a third-party, contact-less encoder for "pass-through" contact-less cards.

New capabilities and the right support boost value
Zebra's Print DNA family of solutions brings unmatched ease of use, ease of integration, and security to card printing—streamlining business processes, improving operational efficiency, and reducing development and deployment time and cost. No matter what level of support a customer needs, there is a Zebra support service that's right for their business. With Zebra OneCare®, no matter what happens to a printer, it's covered. Zebra's Technical Software and Support (TSS) provides access to technical support. And, if users need help setting up and configuring settings on local and remote ZC100 printers, Zebra's Install and Configuration Assistance (ICA) Select program provides the support they need.


ZC10L - On-Demand, Customizable Printing in One Step

Designed specially to meet the needs of the hospitality market, Zebra's ZC10L is our only large-format, direct-to-card printer that can print full, edge-to-edge color cards in one printing process. Produce custom, oversized badges, sporting event and concert tickets/passes, special event and festival badges/passes, on-the-spot in full color—in one print pass.

Key applications include:
  • Event entry guest access badges for varying access levels
  • Event attendee ID cards
  • Concert tickets/passes
  • Conference ID badges
  • Sporting event fan/press tickets/passes
  • Advertising and sponsorship handout cards
  • Festival/concert staff ID badges
Innovative Features of the ZC10L Large-format Card Printer

Full edge-to-edge color cards in one step
The ZC10L is our only large-format, direct-to-card printer that can print full, edge-to-edge color cards in one printing process, giving users the freedom to customize, while eliminating hassle and reducing waste. No need to bother with partially pre-printed cards. Customize the back side of cards with guest instructions, or "fine-print" content and print it using Zebra's monochrome black ribbon.

Outstanding photo quality
As a modified 300-dpi photo printer, the ZC10L delivers exceptional image quality, especially for background graphics and photos. With stunning images and graphics, badges and passes become guest mementos long after the event, instead of only event access tools.

Custom flexibility
Create beautiful edge-to-edge card designs with graphics, text, barcodes, and images using Zebra's CardStudio™ card design software, and produce them on-demand with the ZC10L. Card design changes can be made right up to event time—no need to pre-order cards. Take guest photos at the point of entry to further personalize cards, and include sponsor logos and advertising.


ZC300 Series - Elegant Engineering, Push-Button Simplicity

No matter what type of card users need to print—from identity and access to membership, event, and credit/debit cards—the ZC300 series card printers will help them do it better, faster, and easier. The elegant engineering of the ZC300 and ZC350 card printers eliminates virtually all pain points associated with card printing. The result is push-button simplicity no matter what users are printing: single-or-dual-sided magnetic stripe or contactless cards, in color or black and white. With a ground-breaking, fits-everywhere design, customers can get secure card printing wherever they need it.

When customers need even more, the ZC350 delivers the fastest print speed and advanced printing options that allow them to create virtually any card design. With support for just about every encoding technology, users can create just about any type of card—credit, debit, identity, access, loyalty, public-transportation passes, and more.

The ZC300 series: the card printers that deliver it all.

Primary Markets for the ZC300 and ZC350 Card Printers:

  • Access control
  • Education
  • Retail/hospitality
  • Financial services


ZXP Series 7 - Fast and Reliable that Prints Photo-Like Cards for High-Volume Applications.

Utilizing the latest in card-printing technology, the ZXP Series 7 card printer provides high-volume, high-quality card printing. The printer delivers fast, yet reliable performance while offering users exceptional value by lowering the printer’s total cost of ownership. Time after time, it prints sharp, vivid cards with precise color control.

Mobile Printers

Zebra mobile printers allow for more speed and efficiency within a business, since employees can carry an elegant, ergonomic, and easy-to-use printer with them wherever they go and use it in an instant, to get the job done or help a customer or patient. Zebra mobile printers can print tickets, receipts, barcodes, labels, and more. A salesperson can conduct a transaction right in the aisle of a store, improving customer satisfaction.

Use Zebra printers to label items on the spot, ensuring information is correct. Items can be labeled in the moment, improving accuracy. Forcing employees to move to a plugged-in printer wastes time and energy. Mobile printers are easily movable and adaptable for a wide variety of locations and scenarios.

  • ZQ300 series
  • ZQ320
  • ZQ500 Series
  • ZQ600 series
  • ZQ600 Series


ZQ300 Series Mobile Printers

Industry-Leading Battery Power, Versatility, Durability, and Easy Remote Management in an Affordable Mobile Printer

The mobile printing capabilities in your retail store directly impact customer service quality and associate productivity. With receipt printing, associates can ring up sales anywhere in the store to prevent abandoned sales, improve the shopper experience, and increase revenue. And with on-the-spot printing of labels, associates can complete markups, markdowns, and shelf label audits faster and more accurately providing more time to help more shoppers, and preventing costly pricing errors. With the Zebra ZQ300 Series 58 mm/2 in. and 80 mm/3 in. paper-width printers, your associates can do it all.

This compact and lightweight printer is designed for easy one-handed operation, bringing all-day comfort to mobile printing. Unique, patented battery and battery-management technologies deliver the longest battery-cycle times for constant full-shift power. When it comes to durability, the ZQ300 Series offers best-of-breed rugged specifications. With support for 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0, you get our latest wireless connections, for fast printing. And the ZQ300 Series runs Link-OS® and is supported by our powerful Print DNA suite of applications, utilities, and developer tools that deliver an exceptional printing experience through better performance, simplified remote manageability, and easier integration.

The ZQ300 Series—the affordable little mobile printer that delivers big business value.


ZQ320 - Big Business Value at an Affordable Price

Building on the legacy of the iMZ Series Mobile Printers, the ZQ320 Series Mobile Printers offer our fastest wireless connections available; a class-leading battery, and power technologies for full-shift power; enterprise durability to handle everyday drops and bumps; and powerful remote management capabilities that can significantly lower users' total cost of ownership. The ZQ320 Series comes in two design models: an inside-the-four-walls model enables associates to ring up sales anywhere in the store, prevent abandoned sales, and improve the shopper experience; an outside-the-four-walls model can handle the elements, generate high-quality receipts, and guarantee power for the longest shift in the field.

The target markets include:

  • Retail

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Manufacturing




ZQ500 Series - Lightweight and Compact Mobile Printers

Extreme environments, bangs, and bumps are no match for these lightweight, compact printers. Zebra’s ZQ510 and ZQ520 are our most rugged printers available. They perform in the widest operating-temperature range in the industry, and can withstand repeated drops to concrete from up to 6.6 feet. Water spray is no match with their IP54 rating. Featuring Zebra’s Link-OS® environment, these printers are easy to integrate, manage, and maintain. With large buttons and a user-friendly interface, they are easy to operate, even when wearing gloves.


ZQ600 Series - Help Boost Associate Productivity with the Next Evolution in Mobile Printing

New. All over again.

With the ZQ600 series mobile printers, retailers can improve inventory management and customer service in their stores. Building on Zebra's popular QLn Series mobile printers, the ZQ600 series delivers advanced technology and an innovative design that drive productivity, ease-of-use, and manageability to a new level.

Advanced battery technology powers every minute of the longest shift, while the instant wake-up feature ensures the ZQ600 series never sleeps on the job. The ZQ600 series mobile printers feature a large color display and dependable wireless connection and are available in both two-inch (ZQ610) and three-inch (ZQ620) print-width models. Plus, with Zebra's Print DNA suite of applications, utilities, and developer tools and Link-OS® operating system, ZQ600 series printers are easy to integrate, manage, and secure.

The ZQ600 series is the next evolution in the gold standard for mobile label and receipt printing.


ZQ610/ZQ620 Healthcare Series Mobile Printers 

If you’re looking for a premium mobile printer to improve staff productivity, specimen-labeling accuracy, and patient safety, the ZQ600 Healthcare Series printers deliver. The ZQ600 takes Zebra’s popular QLn platform and makes it even better—adding advanced technology and an innovative design that drive productivity, ease-of-use, and manageability to a new level.

Designed specifically for healthcare, these compact printers are built to withstand constant disinfecting. The color display takes all the guesswork out of printer status. Best-of-breed, patented battery technology ensures healthcare staff will have plenty of power, every minute of every shift, and the ZQ600 Series offers the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections for fast, reliable, and secure printing. Outstanding remote management capabilities—including an ethernet cradle—simplify every aspect of management, from setup and firmware upgrades to issue resolution.

The ZQ600 Series runs Link-OS® and is supported by our powerful Print DNA suite of applications, utilities, and developer tools that give our printers better performance, simplified remote manageability, and easier integration. And our optional Zebra OneCare service will help you maximize the availability and productivity of your ZQ600 printers with exceptional, from-the-manufacturer support.

ZQ610 Healthcare Mobile Printer

Improve specimen-labeling accuracy and patient safety with the ZQ610 Healthcare mobile printer. It features advanced technology, an innovative design, large color display, robust battery management including an instant wake-up feature, as well as fast 802.11ac and Bluetooth wireless connection.

ZQ620 Healthcare Mobile Printer

Improve specimen-labeling accuracy and patient safety with the ZQ620 Healthcare mobile printer. It features advanced technology, an innovative design, large color display, robust battery management including an instant wake-up feature, as well as fast 802.11ac and Bluetooth wireless connection.

Kiosk Printers

Ideal for any industry where on-demand printing is necessary, Zebra kiosk printers are speedy, reliable, and easy to use. They can be used for printing receipts and invoices, coupons and vouchers, human resources forms, and more. Kiosk printers don't just allow you to do business more quickly in the office. They put power into customers' hands, which saves time and money for your business while creating a positive experience. A busy airport can use Zebra kiosks to allow customers to print their own boarding passes and luggage tags and be on their way. Shoppers in a retail store can print out a gift registry they just created.

Zebra Technologies is a pioneer in wireless printing, which allows printing to occur where cabling causes problems or is impossible to set up. Using Bluetooth connectivity, all the same printing capabilities a regular printer has are powered into a wireless device, allowing professionals to print on-the-go and in the locations that make the most sense for the business and customers.
Zebra's regular printers provide employees with a centralized location to conduct printing tasks, and they have robust capabilities that allow for large-scale jobs that require more paper and ink than a smaller device can provide. Every Zebra printer is reliable, accurate, and fast, no matter what setting it is in or what it is used for.

Printer Engines and Supplies

Discover the Value of Zebra Supplies

The labels, tags, and receipt paper used in your operations provide you with critical information to your business. It helps enhance the customer experience, enables you to improve operational efficiency, supports the growth of your business, and can even ensure brand consistency. Using the wrong label for the application, or one that is of low quality, could lower productivity as well as customer satisfaction. Zebra understands the importance of using quality materials and processes.

Become a Reseller With ScanSource

If the benefits of Zebra printing sound like the solution your clients are looking for, you can become a printing reseller today with ScanSource. Have questions? Contact us for more information about Zebra products. You can also give us a call at 800.944.2432 to talk with a ScanSource representative to learn more about how Zebra printers can help your clients.