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Avaya Professional Services: Advancing how you do business

Your clients want to focus on customer relationships. Avaya has the tools to help make that process smoother and more productive than ever. Offer our professional assets and services to make the workday easier and more efficient—for them and their employees. Choose from:

  • Communication tools with expanded functionality and availability
  • Multiple avenues for your customers to access service
  • Technology and apps to drive growth and mitigate risk
  • Seamless optimization of network and applications

Avaya Professional Services helps your customers innovate with as little disruption as possible, transforming business communications from initial planning and design to implementation, integration, and ongoing optimization. Do your customers need ongoing support as their organizations evolve? Offer Continuous Performance Services, a subscription plan that provides repeated, periodic access to Avaya’s professional analysis and guidance. Let Avaya help ensure your customers get the most out of their communications investment.