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Stay Competitive with These Enterprise-UC Products

From small branches to corporate headquarters, ScanSource is equipped to deliver Avaya’s comprehensive product offerings for communications, conferencing, and infrastructure. It’s all about supporting engagement by integrating voice, video, data, messaging, conferencing, mobility, and more. Let’s explore the right unified-communications products for your customers.

Enterprise UC: Essential for Every Business

With devices, platforms, and applications proliferating, employees at practically every size company need unified communications to organize data, communicate effectively in real time, and manage their time wisely. Ultimately, effective enterprise UC allows companies to provide better customer service, respond nimbly to change, and pull relevant data together to create business insights in a timely and actionable fashion. From instant messaging to querying a database, your customers are accessing and sharing data all day, every day. The more efficient this part of the job becomes, the more time your customers can spend on their core competencies—from sales, to product innovation, to face-to-face customer interaction.

Find a ScanSource partner to explore Avaya enterprise-UC solutions for
your business.

  • Collaboration and Messaging
  • Platform and Infrastructure

  • Video Conferencing

Bringing speed and simplicity to UC

With Avaya’s communication and messaging solutions, your customers can quickly and easily access email, voicemail, and faxes. Plus, they enable voice, video, data, and web communications in the office … or wherever they are. Additionally, you can bring all of these unified-communications strategies together via virtual desktop.

If your customers use a bring-your-own-device approach, they’ll benefit from the consistency of a centralized collaboration and messaging strategy. And, with applications such as Avaya IX™ Workplace Integration Client, they never need to leave their business application to communicate virtually with a colleague. For your customers’ own hardware, their employees benefit from a robust portfolio of phones backed by IP or cloud-communication services.

Shifting communication modalities may seem scary, but with the right partner, it can be painless.

Centralize and control technology infrastructure

Avaya specializes in delivering the high performance, flexibility, and agility customers need to grow. You can offer cloud-based delivery and new licensing models, move costs to the efficient OPEX model, and reduce total cost of ownership. ScanSource can help your customers build for the future, now.

Server management is a complex task, especially when combined with security, database creation and maintenance, and performance optimization. Start the job off right with Avaya applications servers. Next, add communication and collaboration platforms that are right for your customers' business models. Finally, consider applications development snap-ins. With Avaya from ScanSource, you can provide robust, ground-up, IT solutions that will scale with your customers' businesses.

Like they’re in the same room

Video and conferencing products from Avaya eliminate the hurdles of virtual collaboration. ScanSource provides the support needed to overhaul conference-room systems and desktop applications.

When your customers’ clients have experienced seamless network collaboration in non-business settings, they don’t want to go back to the office to wait for an IT-support specialist to link up a laptop, projector, or conference phone by hand—just so they can hold a meeting. Avaya from ScanSource gives your customers the right tools so they can communicate face-to-face and seamlessly from any environment. Meanwhile, the Avaya huddle rooms offer premium interoperability, as well as impressive video display and sound capabilities.