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Making Connections: Customer-Experience Management

Avaya is shaking up the way businesses build customer loyalty with innovative products that bring simplicity to offices everywhere. An omnichannel experience provides the right media at the right time, for more productive conversations and consistency across interactions. ScanSource provides you with the right tools to put Avaya’s products into action.

Anticipate Customer Needs and Drive Business Insights with Enterprise CC

If your clients are dedicated to building relationships with their customers, they need a unified tool to track, analyze, and integrate customer interactions. With sales captured in one database, emails in another, and support calls in a third, your client may be caught flat-footed when a customer calls to ask about an ongoing problem.

Customer-experience management software and solutions are essential to call-center operations, and they also transform business insights, allowing customer interactions to be pooled and analyzed. Help your clients anticipate their customers’ expectations, earn repeat business, and build relationships with enterprise CC.

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