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Maximize Your Annuity Revenue Stream

Poly and ScanSource Communications want you to maximize every opportunity—especially when it comes to service renewals. That’s why we invest in a dedicated Renewals Team to help you build your service annuity business and improve on-time renewal performance.

The team manages the renewal process, from start to finish, to ensure hardware and software support remains uninterrupted—ultimately, increasing your annuity revenue stream. Our service also proactively provides partners with a renewal quote 60 to 90 days before expiration.

Find out why service renewals are important to your business.

  • Future proofing — through software upgrade policy
  • Increased customer satisfaction — drives customer loyalty
  • Continued revenues — important annuity stream

Future proofing

As Poly develops and enhances its solutions, it’s even more important that your customers are protected by a valid maintenance contract. Not only does a support contract give your customers access to expert technical help, it also protects their investment by allowing them to upgrade to the latest features and enhancements developed by Poly.

A support contract also gives your customers an increased return on their investment by ensuring their system is available for use at any time. As a result, they can take advantage of increased savings through Poly’s on-going technology development.

Customer satisfaction

Customers covered by a support contract feel more satisfied because they receive a better level of service, thus reducing the impact of any downtime. A satisfied customer is also apt to use, and purchase, products more frequently due to the value-added service, which further enhances their experience.

On-going revenue streams

A healthy service renewal practice equals healthier revenue streams. A customer who previously purchased a service contract already understands the benefits. By sending the renewal in advance of the contract expiration date, 65% of customers will renew without complaint and will budget for the renewal. Otherwise, if the notice isn’t sent in advance, the budget may be allocated elsewhere, making it more difficult for a customer to renew.


Earn More With ScanSource

Let ScanSource lighten your workload—and get you the best possible deal.
For more information, please contact us about the Total Coverage Buyback Program at 877.847.7000.