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Avaya Out-of-Policy Requests

ScanSource will make every effort to process your request in a timely manner. To avoid delays in processing time, please be sure to fill out the form in its entirety. Please submit the completed form to your dedicated ScanSource sales rep. Questions? Give us a call at 800.790.2029.

Avaya Out-of-Policy Request Process:

Avaya’s Reverse Logistics organization has implemented a new process for handling Out-of-Policy (OOP) claim requests to optimize overall ease of doing business with Avaya. This new process aims to decrease the overall response time for your claim to approximately 30 days. Please be aware of the following when submitting your request:

  1. All approved OOP requests will have a 15% restocking/cancellation fee applied. This fee will automatically be deducted from the total credit.
  2. All OOP requests must now be reviewed and submitted by ScanSource through your sales rep.
  3. Software is not returnable unless there is an exceptional circumstance with a valid business case. All cancelled orders and software/license return requests must be authorized through the OOP process.
  4. Include all vital information on your OOP request form (please see the below regarding form information). Claim forms submitted without the appropriate information may be delayed and/or rejected.
  5. RMAs are only open for 30 days and all material must be received within that timeframe. Please notify ScanSource  immediately if you require more than the 30 days.
  6. Please indicate if any material listed on the OOP will NOT be returned to avoid further delay.

As mentioned in #4 above, the following are questions to consider when submitting your request. Should any of these apply, please be sure to add them to the corresponding section on the form. 

Reason for Return Request:

  • Is the return for software, products, support, etc?
  • Is there an Avaya PCN or ship hold that was issued to correct the error?
  • If the request is because of being outside of return timeframe, what was the reason for the delay?
  • When was the original product shipped? (date)
  • Has the hardware been powered on?
  • Do you have all original packaging?
  • Was this an Avaya error? If so, whose error and is there an e-mail chain acknowledging the error?
  • What is the reason this product was ordered in error?

List of Actions Taken to Resolve:

  • Is there (will there be) an offsetting order? What is the value? Or, how much incremental revenue will the offset order provide?
  • Is there a ticket open to help resolve the issue/error? Please include all ticket numbers in your submission.