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Video Meetings

Secure, fully-featured, and free video conferencing.

With 8x8 Video Meetings, it’s easy to start a meeting with just one click.

8x8 Video Meetings is a scalable, video-meetings solution that’s ideal for entrepreneurs, SMBs, and enterprise customers. Easy to use, with limitless flexibility to collaborate with colleagues, suppliers, and customers, 8x8 Video Meetings is reliable, fast, and secure. It works as a stand-alone service or can integrate with 8x8 Virtual Office for enhanced, unified-communications capabilities.

8x8 Video Meetings Key Features:

  • Find meeting controls easily with an intuitive interface
  • Schedule meetings quickly with Google, Microsoft, and Virtual Office calendar integrations
  • No meeting ID required—users receive a dedicated virtual meeting space with a personalized URL
  • Reach an unlimited audience with YouTube live-streaming capabilities
  • No downloads required—WebRTC technology offers users and guests access via a Google Chrome browser without needing to download plugins or special software
  • Security options include meeting passcodes and randomly generated meeting names

Demo 8x8 Video Meetings

Want to get a demo of 8x8 Video Meetings? Contact our CloudSolutions team to get started.

See 8x8 Video Meetings in Action