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The Special Bid Process is designed for a Toshiba business partner who is in a competitive opportunity with an end user.

The following requirements apply to the Special Bid Process:
  • Business partner must have an end-user opportunity.
  • Business partner must have a value-added enhancement for the opportunity.
  • Business partner must know who the competition is and their price points.
  • Business partner must know the target end-user price.
  • The competitive platform must be “apples to apples” with the Toshiba platform.
  • Must be a highly visible opportunity with a minimum of 200 units*.
  • Maximum time for a Special Bid is one year. Extensions may be granted for large roll-outs.

*Competitive situations may dictate lower quantities. 

**Toshiba actually grants the Special Bid discount, not ScanSource. A minimum of five business days is required for this process.

If you have any questions on submitting a Special Bid, please contact your ScanSource Toshiba sales specialist.