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Today’s grocery retailers face an increasingly hostile marketplace, where shoppers demand lower prices, faster checkout, and expert service. Web orders and loyalty programs are baseline expectations, mass merchandisers and convenience stores threaten market share, and the economic outlook remains uncertain.

So, how can grocery retailers respond?
You can upgrade your store. You can help your workforce deliver flawless service. You can insist on higher uptime. And, you can take an integrated approach to technology—choosing solutions that link each store to the enterprise, and provide the modularity and scalability to grow with your business and protect your investment.

  • This flexible and complete line of self-checkout systems helps grocery retailers improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs through flexible labor management, and meet a growing demand for fast self-service.
Build loyalty, gain a competitive advantage, and enhance the shopping experience with the next generation of self-checkout systems. This enhanced and expanded portfolio is designed to offer faster, more reliable, and more flexible self-checkout, while continuing to provide the easy-to-use, speedy checkout shoppers crave.

This next-generation self-checkout boosts consumer and retailer benefits with the following enhancements:

  • Improved ergonomic design that helps enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and throughput
  • New, improved features for more efficient operation and more secure currency enclosures
  • Durability of hardware components for enhanced reliability
  • Increased flexibility to help retailers optimize throughput in numerous store sizes and layouts