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The Evolve headset for today’s modern worker

Where and how we work are changing. Open-plan offices are on the rise, and workers are spending more time away from their desks and outside the office. This can be challenging for knowledge workers, with many finding it hard to stay productive in a noisy office environment and when they’re on the move.

Jabra Evolve headsets with noise cancellation are built to improve focus, both on calls and when listening to immersive music. They are designed with exceptional microphone performance for improved call quality, and are packaged in a range of convenient form factors designed to help make the most of a work environment that changes throughout the day.

ScanSource and Jabra can help you find the right sound solution from a rich product portfolio, for wherever you work. From Evolve to Evolve 2 or Biz to Engage—we’re here to assist you in your collaboration journey.

And all super heroes need sidekicks, so any of the Speak2.0 speakerphones from Jabra make a great hybrid partner to get more things done—together.

Evolve 30 → Evolve2 30
Evolve 40 → Evolve2 40
Any Evolve customer → Evolve2 50
Evolve 65 → Evolve2 55
Evolve 65t → Evolve2 Buds
Evolve 75 → Evolve2 75
Evolve 80 → Evolve2 85
Evolve2 65 → Evolve2 65 Flex

For assistance, contact your ScanSource Jabra team.

Please visit Jabra Evolve for more information on Jabra headsets.