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Easy-to-Use, Efficient, SATO CL4NX Thermal Transfer Printer

SATO's new, CL4NX thermal transfer printer is a universal tool that's engineered for zero downtime - so your clients can conduct business efficiently and accurately, no matter what industry they're in. The tough, high-quality, SATO CL4NX printer allows businesses, ranging from manufacturing to transportation, to operate stress-free - with instant, lightning-fast printing capabilities for labeling, logistic tracking, and more.

Beyond its durability and strength, the SATO CL4NX thermal transfer printer is easy to use, allowing team members in diverse roles to handilly operate it, maximizing its robust capabilities. Built-in playback instruction videos enable anyone to use the SATO CL4NX printer with ease, to keep business running smoothly.

Learn more about why the SATO CL4NX printer is an in-demand tool for the biggest businesses and organizations around the globe.

Features of the SATO CL4NX Thermal Transfer Printer

Whether a business you work with is in need of a printing solution or wants to upgrade its existing system, the SATO CL4NX thermal transfer printer can help. The CL4NX system includes auto-detection of print language - which means it easily replaces most competitive printers without any necessary system changes. Since the printers are able to use a wide range of media, including rolls of labels that are wound in or wound out, your customers can continue using what they were before.

Other notable features of the SATO CL4NX thermal transfer printer include:

  • Quality-made, die-cast aluminum units mean fewer parts and fewer assembly errors
  • Incredible speed capabilities allow printing of up to 10 labels in only 8.5 seconds
  • Easy-to-read display, even in the dark
  • Space-saving, compact size
  • Wide print head for easy setup, cleaning, and repairs
  • Professional global support in 31 languages
  • Full complement of on-board communication interfaces works for unique business needs

The CL4NX is easiy to use and reliable, and your customers will quickly see improvement in uptime and ease of use - through features such as intuitive navigation screens and a much wider print head opening than most printers.

SATO CL4NX printers also do not require tools to replace commonly worn parts, such as print heads and platen rollers, which means businesses can make these changes themselves and save time. With easy installation and maintenance, a business can be back to printing in no time.

Industries That Benefit From the SATO CL4NX Thermal Transfer Printer

The CL4NX thermal transfer printer is popular with a businesses worldwide that need excellent printing to keep their businesses running smoothly and efficiently. Any business that has a need to identify, track, tag, trace, or label items benefits from the CL4NX thermal transfer printer.

In additiona to warehouse and manufacturing companies, the CL4NX is also excellent for a variety of other industries - including healthcare, government, and transportation and logistics.

The CL4NX thermal transfer printer can create:

  • Barcode labels
  • Shipping labels
  • Bin and tote labels
  • Food labels
  • Pallet labels
  • RFID labels
  • Product labels

Besides the exemplary features of the SATO printer line, SATO is an amazing company to conduct business with. SATO was recently awarded Business Solutions magazine's Best Channel Vendors awards for both Product Reliability and Adequate VAR Margins. SATO is highly reputable around the world because the company is flexible and responsive.

Become a SATO CL4NX Thermal Transfer Printer Reseller

At ScanSource, we do everything possible to work with our resellers to help them become educated on SATO CL4NX thermal transfer printers, so they can better sell to their clients. We value our relationships with our resellers, and are here to provide support and technical assistance whenever it's needed.

If you work with clients in government, manufacturing, logistics, automotive, food service and distribution, aerospace, or utilities industries — or with any client who needs excellent or improved printing — the SATO CL4NX thermal transfer printer provides many benefits that help improve business operations.

SATO has more than 70 years of experience in the printing industry, because it's a trusted provider of high quality solutions. ScanSource helps you become a successful reseller of SATO products.

Read more about the SATO CLNX series industrial thermal printer here.

To start selling SATO to your customers, to help improve their businesses, visit ScanSource here. If you'd like to call us for more information, we are also available at 800.944.2432.