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Power on-the-go caregiver productivity with 

Honeywell's CT40 HC

The Honeywell CT40 HC helps drive efficiencies across all areas of healthcare. Built specifically for the healthcare environment on the Mobility Edge™ platform, this device is durable, yet sleek and ergonomic. It's also built to be comfortable to use for extended periods, and its battery life lasts for a full 12-hour shift. 

See the CT40 HC in action

The CT40 HC includes Honeywell's seventh-generation N6700 2D imager, which can quickly and accurately read 1D and 2D barcodes on virtually any medium—including vials, syringes, IV bags, patient wristbands, and more. Its 13 MP color camera also lets users easily document images in electronic health records or digital patient charts.

Further, the CT40 HC's built-in, disinfectant-ready housing ensures the device will withstand harsh cleaning chemicals without compromising the lifespan or integrity of the unit.

Honeywell partners with the industry's top certified EHR providers to ensure that the CT40 HC offers broad compatibility and seamless integration. The CT40 HC is now approved for use with the Epic Rover application and the Cerner CareAware® Connect application!

Equipped with features like Operational Intelligence and Smart Talk, the CT40 HC also enables users to take advantage of a range of benefits such as:

  • Reliable VoIP, secure talk and text messaging, and an always-on presence—all of which can power smarter communications for the entire hospital operations team from a single mobile device
  • Device cleaning manager, which allows management to configure and establish cleaning procedures and alerts for employees to follow
  • Asset Check Out, which helps managers accurately log which devices have been used by employees
  • Remote control and device wipe, allowing IT staff to take control of a device in any location to remotely troubleshoot or wipe it clean

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