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    • EPISODE 101

      HIMSS 2019 Recap
      Featuring Melissa Einspar-Faletti and Rikki Jennings

      For more than 50 years, the annual HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition has brought together professionals from around the world to learn about and showcase the latest healthcare information technology. This event offers a unique networking opportunity for vendors of emerging products and healthcare providers everywhere. This year, more than 46,000 attendees from over 90 countries gathered in Orlando, Florida, for world-class education sessions and collaborative opportunities.

      Listen in for a recap of what our industry experts saw and insights on the future of healthcare.


      Melissa Einspar-Faletti, Healthcare Alliance Team Manager at Zebra Technologies
      With an extensive background in Healthcare technology and more than 11 years in the Healthcare AIDC industry, Melissa Einspar-Faletti leads a team of 13 focused on the development of Strategic Healthcare Partners. Her team also manages the market leading EMR vendors, cart manufactures, and other strategic ISVs focused on Healthcare. Her sales strategy and focus includes IDNs, Direct Marketers, ISV, GPOs and traditional barcoding VARs.

      Rikki Jennings, BSN, RN, CPN, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO) at Zebra Technologies
      Early in her nursing career, Rikki recognized a disconnect between purchased technologies and the understanding of their intended value at the bedside. In response, she pursued Nursing Informatics, where she found a passion for implementing healthcare IT in a manner that creates safer environments and better outcomes for patients and staff alike. Her work in the healthcare IT industry has provided her with an in-depth knowledge of the workflows and utilization of clinical technologies including: clinical communication systems, bedside technologies, and resource management tools in hospitals across the country.

    • EPISODE 102

      Positive Patient Identification Study

      Featuring Allison Hopkins and Jess Greenwood

      Allison and Jess will address the ways in which positive patient ID directly affects the steps of a patient's journey. They'll discuss the role that Zebra's PPID product play in medical environments and how evolving technology continues to increase positive outcomes.

    • EPISODE 103

      Winds of change in healthcare

      Featuring Shannon Swanson and Dave Senerchia

      In nature, wind creates resistance through constant movement. That resistance makes the limbs, and eventually the entire tree, stronger. Zebra also does an excellent job of moving with the wind, and uses the resistance created to become stronger. That's why Zebra is a thought leader in finding solutions for our partners and their customers.

      There’s a strong wind of change blowing in the acute and non-acute healthcare markets we're discussing today, so tune in to learn more.