The Zebra L10

Offer variety with the L10 Windows and Android tablets, available in three models: the XSLATE L10 rugged slate tablet, the XPAD L10 hard-handled tablet, and the XBOOK L10 two-in-one laptop/tablet.

  • Each features six-foot-drop-rated, IP65-rated, and C1D2-certified protection, to enable workers’ choice of device for any location.
  • L10 Windows – Multiple Intel processors provide speed to meet performance standards for up to five years. Offer from Intel Premium or Eighth Generation Core-Series i5 or i7 with vPro.
  • L10 Android – Android 8.1 Oreo and optional LifeGuard for Android offer easy security OS updates to keep devices secure everyday.
  • Numerous I/O ports allow connection to legacy and future technology systems, including standard RJ-45, two USB 3.0 (Windows) or two USB 2.0 (Android), and USB-C along with optional True Serial and HDMI-in ports.
  • One accessory set always is compatible with all Xplore L10 rugged-tablet configurations.
  • L10 Windows – Robust security features include two smart-card/CAC reader options, Kensington Lock, TPM 2.0, and integrated fingerprint reader.
  • Standard 500-nit or 1000-nit View Anywhere display is optimized for both indoor and outdoor viewing.

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