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Workspace Devices

More and more people are working from home, but just because you work from home doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a tiny laptop screen. Studies show that employees who set up a separate area for work and leverage the right technologies are more productive and more satisfied. Take advantage of additional business-grade peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and power protection devices to give your home office that “in-office” feel. You deserve it.

A separate monitor can seriously boost productivity thanks to the extra space, the more comfortable viewing angles, and so on. Today’s monitors feature slim designs, striking colors, and life-like graphics for optimal viewing.

Keyboard and mouse
When given the choice, most people would rather use a separate keyboard and mouse instead of the key and track pads on their laptops. Available in a variety of form factors and models, these tools provide comfort, flexibility, and ease of use.

Power protection devices
Includes business-grade power strips, surge-protection devices, and UPS battery backup solutions to ensure you have total protection against power surges, spikes, lightning, and more.