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A headset is a hardware device that connects to a telephone or computer and allows users to talk and listen while keeping their hands free. Headsets come in a variety of form factors and models to be customized to the user’s individual needs and wearing-style preferences.

Common headset types for office, mobile, or work-from-home settings include the following:

Bluetooth headsets
Bluetooth headsets let the user access commonly used functions directly from the headset, such as picking up a call or activating the voice assistant on a mobile device. These typically can be worn more discreetly than other styles of headsets.
Noise-cancelling headsets
Noise-cancelling headsets designed to block background noise in loud, open environments.
Wired headsets
Wired headsets connect seamlessly to your computer via a USB or 3.5mm port and let the user start talking in seconds—in both mono (one-ear) and duo (two-ear) variants.
Wireless headsets
Wireless headsets leverage Bluetooth or DECT technology to connect to a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Most feature extensive, wireless range and connectivity to multiple devices at the same time, so users easily can switch between a smartphone or work PC. These also are available in mono and duo versions.

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