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Businesses Stay Connected and Smart with Zebra Technologies

With all the moving parts of a business, it's imperative to use innovative technology to connect hardware, software, and employees to save time and money and prevent mistakes. Zebra smart tracking technology and solutions give physical things a digital voice—such as warehouse units and healthcare patients' medicine—sending operational data to the cloud to allow businesses to work more intelligently and stay ahead of the competition.

ScanSource is the top distributor of Zebra Technologies because we set resellers up for success through dedicated support and training and the best product offerings in the business. Here are just a few industries Zebra Technologies improves:

  • Government
    For everything from tracking military supplies efficiently and meticulously - to getting the right documents to the people who need them expediently - Zebra Technologies plays an important role in local, state, and national governments. In an industry with highly sensitive information and products that affect the greater good, the impeccable accuracy Zebra delivers makes it a trusted choice for an industry that relies on precision.
  • Healthcare
    Patients and staff are kept in the loop of new developments with healthcare solutions that make operations faster, and ensure accuracy throughout a process some may experience as stressful. Mobile solutions, such as computers and smart badges, allow team members to work better together and deliver improved customer care that's personalized based on patient data.
  • Manufacturing
    From accurate production and quality control, to perfect fulfillment to keep customers happy, Zebra mobile scanners and printers ensure labels are impeccable, deliveries are sent out on time, and goods are delivered in pristine condition. Track-and-trace capabilities help compliance and traceability stay visible, and in line with standards.
  • Retail
    Physical stores draw customers in, as in-store touchpoints deliver targeted messages to customers to increase sales. Consumers who love smartphone purchases respond well to digital tools that offer personalized experiences, customer support, and brand loyalty rewards. Check-out isn't the painful process of a long line, since Zebra devices allow payment to be received while customers are in the aisle.
  • Transportation
    Shipments and goods stay safe and on schedule with help from Zebra Technologies. Mobile tools make deliveries and pickups flow more smoothly, while materials management and supply-chain replenishment never fall behind.
  • Hospitality
    An amazing guest experience begins with taking care of the details they'll never see, but that gives an operation the momentum it needs to wow. Zebra's handheld mobile computers allow food-safety procedures to be automated, and staff to communicate better, so that customer service is enhanced - while Zebra's inventory management solutions ensure a hotel or resort is always full stocked with what it needs. By using technology to improve physical processes, while allowing data to be stored safely and securely in an anywhere-access place, businesses and government entities get smarter and operate more efficiently.
  • Zebra Products
    Zebra's wide range of products makes them a fit for a variety of clients, and we have the largest selection available. From printers to portable scanners, see which Zebra products can provide the solution your clients are searching for.
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  • Zebra Programs
    Learn about new and innovative Zebra products by being a part of our demo pool, become a Zebra expert with extensive training, and build a relationship with Zebra to stay on the pulse of new developments.
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  • Zebra Services Add-Ons
    Get cloud-based monitoring, printer support, technical services, and more with Zebra. For whatever amount of Zebra products a business has purchased - and even for businesses that already have an on-premises, mobile device management system — Zebra services increase efficiency. Learn more->
  • Sell Zebra Technologies Today

    ScanSource is proud to be a trusted partner of Zebra Technologies, featuring the most expansive line of Zebra offerings available to resellers looking to help the businesses they work with. We provide all the information you need on Zebra products, and are here to answer any questions you have.

    We know the massive benefits Zebra products bring to a wide variety of businesses, and you can count on our territory managers and solution consultants to provide the assistance you need.

    As a Zebra Technologies reseller with ScanSource, our dedicated team works to enable you to succeed - providing training and education so you can become a Zebra pro, and convey the many advantages to your clients. We even have many Zebra special promotions here to get you started.

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If you're interested in Zebra Technologies and how they can benefit your clients, ScanSource is here to help. To get more information about becoming a Zebra reseller visit here.
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