Corporate Social Responsibility

Our growing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts demonstrate our commitments in four key areas: operating with integrity, engaging our employees, protecting our environment, and supporting our communities. While our CSR program springs from our desire to operate responsibly and to give back to the communities where we work and live, we are excited about what our efforts can do for ScanSource and its employees. Studies have shown that organizations committed to CSR outperform those that are not, and have higher levels of employee engagement.

Please view our 2017-2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report.

ScanSource Charitable Foundation

ScanSource encourages its employees to donate their resources and time to improve the lives of children, foster better education, and enhance the community. For the past 24 years, the ScanSource Charitable Foundation has provided opportunities for all ScanSource employees to positively affect the p ...... Learn more »

Core Values

We believe in honesty and integrity in everything that we do. There is no alternative.   We highly value our customers and vendors and are committed to meeting their needs quickly and fairly. We believe each employee’s opinion counts and deserves respect.   We encourage innovation ...... Learn more »

Health and Wellness

At ScanSource, we truly value our employees! We believe it’s important that they not only enjoy coming to work but that they live the most comfortable life outside of the office, as well. Because of this, we have implemented a well-being program, called 360you, to help create awareness about ...... Learn more »


ScanSource is committed to creating a culture of environmental responsibility throughout our offices worldwide.  The program includes a corporate-wide recycling program, an electronic vehicle charging station, as well as many other waste-reduction and recycling efforts.  ScanSource ...... Learn more »