Whether your next project is for IP video, video surveillance, or Voice over IP, remove the "Will it work?" worries with ScanSource Services readiness assessment offers

Readiness assessments test your customer's data network by simulating your IP voice and IP video solution. We test before your installation, to ensure your success. Our remote assessment has tremendous value, as the test can be conducted quickly and for less money. We also have a very affordable WAN test, that tests the traffic between locations. Keep your planned deployment in check!

  • Identifying potential issues early keeps projects on target
  • Post-production troubleshooting costs are eliminated 
  • Customer satisfaction is maximized

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ScanSource Services offers readiness assessments that are affordable. Best of all, there's no interference with your customer's day-to-day operations, and all assessments meet manufacturer requirements.

ScanSource Services offers three different assessments to meet your needs and your budget:
  1. Simple assessment - a remote test to determine pass/fail conditions
  2. Standard assessment - remote testing, metrics results, and recommendations of next steps to improve the environment
  3. Complete assessment - remote or onsite assessment that includes testing, metrics results, recommendations, and QoS verification
  4. WAN assessment - remote testing of IP traffic between locations

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