Start your next project with our Custom Configuration Center today!

The Custom Configuration team can help you build total solutions easily, and to your customer's exact specifications. But, the most important benefit of partnering with us - we save you time and money.

Whether you're looking to add memory to a POS workstation, load application software to a portable data terminal, do cellular activations, or custom configure barcode scanning equipment, our Custom Configuration team can do it for you.

Select an integration service from our list of Configuration Service Parts or complete the Online Request Form to get started with point-of-sale, key injection, wireless mobile terminals, access points, printers, scanners, software integration services.

  • Hardware and software integration and configuration
  • Third-party or end-user custom configuration
  • The ability for customers to integrate customer-owned product and ScanSource-purchased product
  • Custom image management for customer supplied and/or ScanSource generated images
  • Custom network solutions for customers that need to remotely access and configure product prior to being shipped
  • Pre-bundled and pre-built custom hardware/software solutions that are inventoried and do not require a 2-3 day lead time
  • Full hardware functionality and diagnostic testing
  • BIOS/ Firmware upgrade and system setting configuration
  • Hardware/ software burn-in
  • Hardware and software script testing
  • Full functionality testing
  • Custom labeling/asset tagging
  • Custom packaging which allows completely configured plug-n-play solutions delivered directly to the end-user site
  • Custom reporting

Testimonials from satisfied Custom Configuration Center users:

We are located in Canada and many of our clients are in the states. By working with ScanSource to load the operating systems onto our NCR terminals and deliver them to our clients, we are able to save a couple of hours per terminal, which works out very well for us and our clients.” - Gary McMullen Retail Systems Group
ScanSource’s Custom Configuration team has helped us to be more efficient and responsive to our customers by loading our record management software, based on our specific programming instructions, onto our scanners and shipping the solution directly to our customers.” - Robert Hartley Omnirim Solutions Inc.