IP & High-Density, Analog & Digital Expansion Modules Boost Processing.

Expansion modules for analog and digital media systems offer easily configurable ports that enable and improve rich-media abilities while increasing processing speed. Support more than 15 telephony devices such as telephones, modems, handsets and fax machines with network expansion modules that conform to both analog and digital needs. Maximize processing power and directly connect public-switched telephone networks (PSTNs) to integrated services routers for over 20 voice and fax sessions with expansion modules that are designed for high analog traffic and call-capacity needs. Built to support small to large-sized enterprises, our selection of industry-leading expansion modules are perfect for industry-specific teleconferencing and videoconferencing needs in any vertical.
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  • Snom Expansion Modules

    Snom Expansion Modules

    Vtech Eris Expansion Modules

    Vtech Eris Expansion Modules

    VTech/Snom Expansion Modules

    D7 Expansion ModuleA high-performance, high-resolution, easy-to-use expansion moduleAn expansion module provides users who experience high call coverage with greater flexibility and increased product

  • Yealink Expansion Modules

    Yealink Expansion Modules