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When was the last time you updated your mobility solutions portfolio?

Forward-thinking businesses frequently re-evaluate their portfolios to ensure their mobile technology solutions are strategically aligned with technology trends and the needs of customers, which might include diversifying product offerings, staying competitive, enhancing customer experience, driving revenue growth, building partnerships, and adapting to market dynamics. According to Gartner research, we’re all living in a smart world where mobile devices reign supreme. At the same time, artificial intelligence is driving us closer toward edge computing—“two words you should expect to hear more in the coming months and years,” according to Business Insider.

In edge computing, data is processed, analyzed, and acted upon locally, typically at or near the device or sensor that generates the data, requiring that those devices be more durable and robust in their capabilities. This approach aims to reduce latency, improve real-time decision-making, enhance data privacy and security, and optimize bandwidth utilization.

In 2024, edge computing has put mobile technology at the center of transforming various industries such as retail, healthcare, education, and warehousing businesses. At ScanSource, two of our top suppliers are Cisco and Jabra, so let’s examine ways their solutions can complement edge computing in these sectors.

Mobile technology has revolutionized the retail sector by offering seamless omnichannel experiences to customers, and edge computing has forced retailers to adopt solutions that supports various in-store operations, such as inventory management, shelf stocking, and checkout processes. Products like Jabra wireless headsets and video conferencing devices enable retail staff to communicate effectively, collaborate on tasks, and deliver exceptional customer service. Cisco's access networking solutions ensure robust and secure connectivity in retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers, enhancing inventory management and operational efficiency.

In healthcare, mobile technology has facilitated remote patient monitoring, telemedicine consultations, and efficient management of medical records. Wearable devices, IoT sensors, and mobile apps powered by AI algorithms enable healthcare professionals to monitor patients' health metrics, provide timely interventions, and optimize treatment plans. Whether a facility needs high-definition, intelligent 180° video technology for patient consultations, headsets designed to keep field practitioners connected, or high-performing headsets for exceptional call quality, Jabra offers products to meet your needs. Connectivity solutions are also key. While Cisco Meraki ensures secure connectivity throughout healthcare facilities, Cisco Webex is a powerful collaboration tool that allows providers to consult remotely with patients and other providers.

Mobile technology has also transformed the education landscape, enabling remote learning, digital classrooms, and interactive educational content. Mobile apps, e-learning platforms, and AI-powered learning assistants personalize learning experiences, track student progress, and facilitate collaboration among students and educators. For example, Cisco solutions have played a significant role in assisting numerous schools in adopting new technology and enhancing their current IT infrastructure. Their advanced switches and network upgrades have supported organizations of various scales in implementing hybrid learning models. Jabra’s products also enable virtual learning where teachers and students can both be seen and heard.

Warehousing and Logistics
In warehousing and logistics, mobile technology plays a crucial role in inventory management, order fulfillment, and supply chain optimization. Mobile devices, RFID technology, and barcode scanners streamline warehouse operations, reduce errors, and improve inventory accuracy. Jabra wireless headsets enhance communication among warehouse staff, enabling efficient coordination, task allocation, and real-time updates. Cisco's data center and cloud networking solutions provide scalable infrastructure for managing vast amounts of supply chain data, optimizing logistics processes, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

In summary, mobile technology, coupled with advanced products like Jabra wireless headsets and video conferencing devices paired with Cisco networking solutions, has significantly improved business operations, communication, and customer experiences across retail, healthcare, education, and warehousing industries. As 2024 moves forward, these technologies continue to drive innovation, productivity, and competitiveness in the ever-evolving business landscape.