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  • Discover opportunity in today‚Äôs education-related trends


    When you think about education, what are the first few things that come to mind? Maybe schools, classrooms, teachers, books, chalkboards, and desks are on your list. Depends on your past experiences.

  • Worried about rising supply costs in healthcare? Technology cuts are not a solution


    It's no secret that rising costs have hit every industry, including healthcare. As many individuals and families worry about paying more for essential needs, such as food, clothing, and utilities, they tend to cut back on spending wherever else they can.

  • Healthcare industry increasing focus on AI solutions


    Society is poised on the edge of an artificial intelligence revolution, with properly designed AI holding the potential to make our everyday processes more efficient and less expensive. All signs indicate that if you haven’t already adopted some AI solutions for your business, you’re likely behind your competitors.

  • Modern Communications Benefits Every Vertical


    Digital connectivity and technology have revolutionized workplaces, and the old thought that all workers must be located on site to be productive is now a thing of the past. Individuals and teams in many trades can perform their job duties from anywhere with the right technology.

  • Unlocking New Opportunities with Webex and Intelisys


    We used to say that the future workplace was a hybrid one. And Webex by Cisco was helping prepare companies for a time when people could work from anywhere, on any device. And then the pandemic hit.