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Zebra offers solutions that work exceedingly well in a variety of vertical markets, including retail and eCommerce, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, public sector, and hospitality. That means ScanSource partners can use one Zebra portfolio of devices to cross-sell into other verticals—an approach that can be beneficial to their bottom lines and help build loyalty with their end customers. And when you combine Zebra solutions with the industry-leading services and resources ScanSource delivers,
it’s a win-win for everyone.

hospitality venues

Hospitality-focused businesses constantly are presented with opportunities to deliver exceptional guest services. Who they count on to help them seize those opportunities is of utmost importance.

Whether for hotels, restaurants, or entertainment arenas, ScanSource and Zebra create and deliver solutions that help this marketplace improve patrons’ experiences through better, more-efficient services and operations. With Zebra, your customers can implement products that address mobile payment and ordering, food-safety tracking, inventory management, and staff communication. Here are just a few examples of what Zebra offers in the hospitality industry.

Quick-service restaurants, food, and beverage
Provide information about every facet of your customers’ businesses from solutions that include:
  • Mobile point-of-sale and ordering
  • Food and beverage labeling
  • Loyalty cards
Hotel management
Improve employees’ productivity and better address guests’ needs in real time by improving inventory tracking. Zebra solutions allow businesses to see what’s going on and act quickly if problems arise.
Loyalty and access-card printing
Boost the number of patrons’ return visits. Deliver customized, unforgettable experiences with help from on-demand, access-card printing.
Entertainment/sports arenas
Collect and analyze operational data quickly, for smarter workflows. Intelligent Edge Solutions and MotionWorks work hand in hand with Zebra hardware, so venues perform at optimum levels.


Whatever your public-sector mission, Zebra and ScanSource’s government solutions and services enable timely data capture at the edge of activity for maximum operational awareness and smarter decision-making. Zebra’s marking, tracking, mobile scanning/printing technologies, and support services deliver exceptional connectivity and accurate, real-time data capture for a clear picture of the total environment—from physical assets to personnel. Your agency can modernize its IT capabilities, simplify collaboration, and innovatively apply legacy technology for faster and more-secure delivery of services.

Government asset management
See and manage your total asset inventory
Identity management for government
Enhance security quickly and accurately
Code-enforcement technology
Streamline document inspection and code compliance
Disaster and emergency management technology
Provide reliable, real-time communications


Food and beverage
Zebra purpose-built solutions for food and beverage operations help you create smarter environments that provide customers with insights into every corner of their businesses—so they can deliver an excellent experience every time.
Restaurant and hotel inventory management
Zebra inventory-tracking technologies allow businesses to view everything that's in motion, so they can take swift action in the kitchen, banquet hall, or room—giving their staff a performance edge.
Loyalty and access-card printing
Zebra on-demand access-card printing, mobile payment, and scanning technologies connect with guests and deliver memorable experiences.
ScanSource and Zebra work together to make sure your hospitality customers receive the latest technologies that can create exceptional customer experiences. Whether it’s helping mitigate the burden of labor issues, accurately manage and track inventory, or improve the guest experience for continued loyalty and repeat business—ScanSource and Zebra keep your customers top of mind. 

Small and Medium-sized Business for Warehouse

The warehouse market is changing faster than ever, which can be especially challenging if you’re a smaller, growing company trying to differentiate itself from the competition. ScanSource and Zebra can help by easing the burden of operational expenses and technology complexity, so your customers can achieve their goals.

Zebra’s end-to-end solutions help keep warehouses running smoothly and efficiently. Its technologies like mobile computing, asset management and tracking, scanning, and printing were designed to communicate seamlessly—allowing your customers to free up their time for more-important tasks.


Zebra’s tablet portfolio continues to expand and can be utilized in almost every industry—including manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, warehouse, healthcare, hospitality, and others. Now your customers can stay ahead with an innovative tablet that’s highly secure, fully configurable, simple to deploy, and works how and where workers do. Some incredible options are:

Zebra ET8X
Large, purpose-built, rugged tablet to use in any environment
Zebra ET4X
Styled like a consumer-grade tablet, this enterprise tablet features the tools to get the job done
Zebra ET4X-HC
Enterprise tablet specifically designed to meet the demands of healthcare
Zebra ET5X
Rugged tablets that are sleek and built for everyday use in a variety of environments
Zebra tablets are easing the burdens of front-line workers, giving them everything they need in one place. And ScanSource can fully integrate them with the software and hardware needed—taking them to the next level.